May plano si LORD, wait ka lang

Bunga ng pagiging pasaway, kailangan maghintay Sinakop at dinala sa Babylonia ang mga Hudyo noong 597 BC. Ito ay resulta...

Youth Confession


Powerful declarations in Jesus’ name

School Club

knhs school club

KNHS School Club Charter Officers

Anti-Depression Seminar 2019

City University of Pasay: Depressed ka ba? An Anti-Depression Seminar was held in the City University of Pasay for...


coronavirus prediction

Coronavirus Predicted in 1981?

end of world

3-Signs of “Endtimes” Prophecy Happening Now

Three "End of the World" prophecies millennial generation is witnessing The Book of Revelation or Apocalypse is the complete...
christian persecution

Christian Persecution by Far Left Liberal Politics, Increasing in the USA

Use of extreme tolerance and equality to silence "Christian followers" getting worse Christian persecution and martyrdom are much worse...
satanist temple

Satanists Pray Openly in 2020

End Times: Luciferians conquers the steps of US State Capitol in broad daylight for an invocation The Satanist Temple...

Persecution in an Orwellian dystopian world

Christian persecution in an Orwellian utopia-dystopian society in 1984, happening today? "Orwellian" is a condition where a country...
emily chaney

School removes Christian ‘prayer locker’

Kentucky school removes ‘Prayer Locker’ after an anti-religion complaint Emily Chaney, a student at East Ridge High School in...

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