3-Love Quiz for Christians

Love Quiz: Three “litmus test” that will prove the feelings you have is “Biblical Love”

1. Did you ever have a fight that’s so intense you wanted to quit?

If your answer is yes and you are still in that relationship—you have passed the first test of loving unconditionally. All relationships are bound to fail because our nature is to sin. It takes a lot to stay in a quarrelsome relationship.

To love means to often ignore misgivings

  • We have different needs and are imperfect people. The reason Jesus said we must forgive 70 times 7. (Matthew 18:21, 22)
  • Often, we have to ignore each other’s misgivings and forgive—even if they don’t ask for it.
  • To love means we are willing to let go of faults because love conquers many sins. (1Peter 4:8)

Love conquers a multitude of sins.

Questions to ask before dating.

2. Is the person you love having a hard time “to be the right person”?

If you are still in a relationship with someone having a hard time being the “right person,” you pass this litmus test because love is patient. (1 Corinthians 13:4)

It’s not your job to “change a person”

  • Only God can change someone’s heart—don’t play the role of the Holy Spirit.
  • Ultimately, the “test of time” frames the full circle of love.
  • The attitude of patience and forgiveness helps us complete the circle.
  • However, a relationship God did not design and intend to happen will never prosper.

Love is patient.

How to know God’s best.

3. Are you able to cover mistakes like a precious pearl?

A pearl forms when an “irritant” finds its way deep inside an oyster mollusk. As a defense mechanism, mollusks secrete a fluid to “coat the irritating substance” to make it tolerable. Layer upon layer develops that forms the lustrous pearl.

Coat what irritates with layers of “love & forgiveness

  • A spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, and kids can be annoying.
  • We can choose to “coat” (with love) things that irritate us and turn it into precious pearls.
  • This is possible with forgiveness, patience, and ultimately by the grace of God, to love an unlovable person.

The grace of God to love an unlovable person.

It’s difficult to love the “unlovable people.” But when we love like Christ, it changes everything gets transformed. Love endures all things.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8: What loves is and is not, according to the Bible

Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love bears all things.
Love believes all things.
Love hopes in all things.
Love endures all things.
Love never fails.
Love is not jealous.
Love doesn’t brag.
Love is not arrogant.
Love doesn’t act unbecomingly.
Love doesn’t seek its own.
Love is not provoked.
Love does not count wrongs.
Love doesn’t rejoice in unrighteousness.

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