A Letter to Gen Z in 100 Years

In 10 years, many of us would be married, raising kids, and having a hard time disciplining them—just as our parents did. We are busy 7 days a week and couldn’t care less if we had a bad hair day or if our waist was getting wider.

Ed Sheeran would probably have lost his hair, Zendaya would have gained weight, and Harry Styles would have completely transitioned. Everything has changed!

Some of us are still single or divorced, hoping our classmates and friends would have time for us on Friday nights.

Everyone is busy and we will likely spend weekends at the gym, by ourselves, and watching old Netflix movies on weekends.

In 20 years, we will still be renting or living with our aging parents because we’re still paying for student loans. Many of us will still be in a job we hate and regret not doing our best in school.

Although Taylor Swift will still be beautiful, it’s midnight for her, as she’s old enough to be a granny.

In 20 years, our kids will be getting “Victoria Rodriguez Rewind” for our birthday, and for Christmas, they will get “All Time Hit Classic of Billie Eilish.”

In 50 years, most of us will realize that retirement is not an option. We will come to terms that only 1% of the population can afford amazing vacations, senior cruising, or staying in fabulous retirement homes.

Many of us would probably stuck with our kids, just as we are stuck with our parents today—hating each day we hear them tell us what to do.

In 50 years, our parents or grandparents are most likely dead, along with the friends we once knew. No one will know them or even care what they did or did not do.

We will miss them, along with regrets of not having to say “I love you” more often.

In 100 years, we will all be dead and one cares who we were, what we bought, or how we failed. The things we have belong to another person we do not know.

The point is that life is short. Even if life is good for now, it will not be slay forever.

But in the eye of our creator, our life on earth is temporary, and heaven, where there are no more tears or death, awaits those who believe in His son, whom He sent to earth to save those who believe in Him.

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