Pro-Abortion States Suffered Most Deaths in COVID-19 Pandemic

May 2020 statistic shows top US states with massive Coronavirus deaths are mostly Democrat, pro-abortion States

In the USA, worst states hit by COVID-19 Coronavirus are New York, New Jersey, Massachusettes, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, according to Worldometer. These Leftist Liberal States are top advocates of abortion, climate change, and gay equality.

Abortion clinics open, churches ordered closed

New York is a haven for abortion. Its Governor pushed for late-term abortion. Its Mayor threatened to close churches permanently if they hold service while Planned Parenthood was allowed to operate. Likewise, Illinois had abortion clinics open, and in Pennsylvania, all abortion clinics were operational, but church gatherings disallowed.

Governors defending abortion as life-sustaining

New Jersey Governor also pushed for late-term abortion while abortion clinics in Michigan were open during the pandemic. Gov. Whitmer defended it as “life-sustaining,” while going to church is non-essential. California, a leading abortion state that banned pro-life states, didn’t restrict abortion while church services were prohibited.

Those who adhere to a far-left liberal ideology want to ban Christian prayers in schools and government. Democrat politicians welcomes Satanists to hold a prayer vigil and Satanic sculptures be displayed while banning “Jesus candy.” Their view of equality and diversity clearly have demonic influence. In times of calamities, God turns His face to people who do evil things.

Christian persecution by far-left liberals.

Even by rate of population, May 2020 data show both highest cases and death are from states who advocates anti-Biblical morals.

Is God against the “tolerant far-left democrats”?

In trying to find a cure, left-leaning liberal mainstream media seems to shut-down any hope for a cure. After the viral video, “America’s Frontline Doctors,” was taken down for alleged fake news, Dr. Simon Gold fired from her job.

The connection between being a Leftist Democrat states and COVID-19 cases may just be a coincidence, but surely we are accountable to God as individuals (Romans 14:12).

One thing is true, the LORD’s face is against those who do evil. For those who are righteous, should calamity strike, the LORD is attentive to their cry. (Psalm 34:15-16)

The duplicity of equality and diversity.
What happens to me when I die?
Demonic influence of far-left liberal ideology.

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