About John15.Rocks


About us

John15.Rocks Center is a non-government organization of Christian volunteers that promotes values formation on the internet, social media, and school campus. Our goal is to build a strong influence online to promote traditional Filipino values.

We hope to be part of a conservative counterculture that is responsible, respectful, and God-fearing citizens that contribute to a better Philippines.

Brief History: John15.Rocks Ministry began as an adult neighborhood Bible study in 2015. A year after, we established a youth group that propelled the 20-years long vision of ‘John 15 Ministry.’ It soon evolved into a social media and campus ministry. The name of the ministry is a direct reference to Apostle John’s passage, which is to abide in Christ and “Bear Fruit.”


To see Generation-Z love the country and honor God.


  • Promote cultural patrimony by teaching traditional Filipino values.
  • Teach godly character and personal responsibility.
  • To connect people with various christian ministries who “help one another.”

What we do

  1. Filipino Christian magazine
  2. Social Media
  3. J15 School Club
  4. Online mentoring and discipleship
  5. Bring Your Bible To School.

Read our Faith Declaration
Join us and volunteer online or on campus.

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