America Turns a Blind Eye to Christian Persecution

USA’s Democrat Politicians Turn a Blind Eye to Genocide and Christian Persecution

2023: Kuki Tribe massacre

On May 3, 2023, a solidarity march by the Kuki tribe in Manipur turned violent when the Centenary Gate of the ‘Anglo Kuki War’ was set on fire by members of the Meiteis Valley community. This led to further clashes and property damage, including a Christian college.

The violence resulted in a devastating toll, with at least 106 Kukis losing their lives, 201 villages destroyed, and over 50,000 displaced. Regrettably, the local authorities and police could not protect the Kuki community.

In June, the Kuki minority sought help from the U.N. and President Biden, but there’s been no response from the White House, and nothing has been accomplished. The U.N. merely acknowledged the situation without a formal commitment.

2022: Unthinkable Genocide in Nigeria

Approximately 5 million Christians were forced from their homes, with Nigeria witnessing 90% of Christian murders last year. Jihadists brutally slaughtered 1,100 in a month. U.S. President Biden removed Nigeria from the persecution watchlist, abandoning persecuted Christians.

In November 2022, 12 were killed by Fulani jihadists, the army’s inaction despite warnings. Silent machetes are used in brutal attacks on homes. Christian student stoned on campus, no justice served.

Nigeria ranks 7th among most persecuted countries; advocates like Joel Veldkamp express outrage at the administration’s failure to address religious freedom concerns. International outcry ignored, deadly assaults continue.

2022: Biden ignores pro-life persecution

President Biden called for action against racism, extremism, and hate-fueled violence at a White House summit in 2022. However, he overlooked the recent attacks on churches and pro-life centers, which faced arson, vandalism, and threats following the Dobbs v. Jackson decision in 2021.

The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization upheld a Mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks, challenging Roe v. Wade and angering abortionists.

Despite acknowledging violence against these conservative and predominantly Christian communities, Biden remained silent. After all, one of Biden’s promises was to make “abortion the law of the land.

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