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Share who Jesus is in minutes, through this small card

In the mid-1960s, Bill Bright, founder of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) introduced the “Four Spiritual Laws.” It is the most used Gospel presentation to date. Also supported by Cru is the “One-Verse Evangelism.” It is a simple interactive way to share Christ’s love by using an illustration drawn from the context of Romans 6:23. It was introduced by Randy Raysbrook, Director of Navigators Leadership Development Institute in 1996.

Four Spiritual Laws and the One-Verse Evangelism

The “One-Verse Evangelism” (OVE) is divided into seven keywords: Wages, Sin, Death, Gift of God, Eternal Life, Christ Jesus, and Trust. Likewise, the “Four Spiritual Laws” (4L) has four precepts: God’s love & plan; Separation; God’s only provision for sin; Receive Christ as Saviour and Lord. Some churches adopted the OVE and 4L printed in a small pamphlet.

The “Gift of God” Gospel Card

While the 4L and OVE are effective ways to share the Gospel, it is bulky on the pocket. Dr. Andrew Liuson commissioned a combination mark logo that illustrates “Death and Life.” At first glance, the artwork reads “DEATH” but when inverted, reads “LIFE.” What seems portentous grabs the reader. When you flip the card, the Gospel is presented using “keywords,” derived from the Bible verse.

The “Death and Life” Gospel card was first introduced at the Makati Gospel Church, Dr. Liuson’s home church. It was well received with an initial printing of 10,000 cards. During a discipleship conference in 2018, Dr. Liuson asked the audience; “What makes God happy? If we do something to help more people to be saved, that definitely makes God happy.” “You can use this card in birthday parties, memorial service, and anywhere in public.” “Businessmen, young people, even children started to share the Gospel, you just need 10-minutes,” he said further.

Gift of God “Life and Death” Gospel card in the Philippines

Dr. Andrew Liuson shared a story of someone who has never shared the Gospel. He heard about the “Gift of Life” during a Sunday service. After a week, he used it to share the Gospel to a group of about 20 to 30 pilots who received Christ as their savior. “Once a person knows how to share, your life will never be the same again,” said Dr. Liuson.

In 2018, John15.Rocks Ministry used the card to share the Gospel during the Global Outreach Day. Everyone who saw the card was awed. It was simple yet intriguing. But more importantly, the message was succinct and people responded because death is real. It’s only when someone shares the Gospel, that a person learns of “life” that Jesus offers to all who believe.

Share the Gospel through the “Bear Fruit” Gospel card.

ABOUT: Dr. Andrew Liuson is co-founder, vice-chairman, and former president of Cityland Group of Companies. He is the author of Debt-Free Lifestyle book. Sharing the Gospel is Dr. Liuson’s life committment. He was trained in Evangelical Explosion (EE3) and One-Verse Evangelism. He is the only non-American board member of the Campus Crusade for Christ. He also the current Chairman of PCEC, International Graduate School of Leadership, and FEBIAS College of Bible.

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