Share the Gospel thru “Gift of Life”

Global Outreach Day in Cavite, using the Gift of God Gospel Card.


Do you want to learn how to share the Gospel of Jesus? You need about one hour to read and watch instructional videos to learn how to use the card.

1. See what God is doing.

• Go to the “Gift of God” Facebook Group.
• You can plant Gospel seeds to anyone!

2. Learn how to share the Gospel using the card

Please read here guidelines and video links from Dr. Liuson. Remember to practice sharing the Gospel card with someone after. Encourage others to post pictures in the Facebook group while holding the Gospel card.

3. How to order the Gift of God Gospel card.

You can order it through Lazada or Shopee. You can also DOWNLOAD the Gospel card to your mobile phone and save it as a photo or request it for FREE.


  1. Is it for me? Sharing the Gospel is not difficult if you have a guide. More importantly, the Great Commission of sharing God’s words is a command of Jesus.

It is ultimately the power of the Holy Spirit, and with His guidance, you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you.

2. Who can use it? Anyone can use it, including children. The card is available in several languages, and we are adding more.

3. How long does it take to learn everything? Approximately 1-hour.

4. How can I help? You have the option to donate or buy the card. Our resources are not unlimited. You can help spread God’s word by donating any amount. The Gospel card is P1.00 per piece.

5. Can I teach others how to use the Gospel card? Yes, with the following considerations:

A. You’ve personally used the “Gift of God” to share the Gospel at least 10-20 times. You can post photos showing that you did this on 20 different occasions.

B. If you have taught One Verse Evangelism before and have used the “Gift of God” Gospel card at least ten times.

→ Missionary John Chau’s extreme love for his enemy.

6. What else can I do?
• Encourage others who use the Gospel card to post pictures in the Facebook group.
• You can plant Gospel seeds to anyone!
• Connect with Dr. Andrew Liuson


IGSL – 41-minute video at International Graduate School of Leadership.
GCM: 36 minutes at Gospel Church Manila. Dr. Andrew Liuson explains how to use the “Death & Life” Gospel card.

Want the Gospel card for FREE?

The Gospel card is available in English, Tagalog, and Chinese. We can send you 150 pieces of cards delivered to you free by post or courier. You may need to shoulder delivery fees for deliveries outside Metro Manila.

For Senior Pastors, we can give 1,000 Gospel cards for free. You can also pick up the cards in Makati or at a local drop-off church partner near you.

For more information:
Mobile Phone – 63.917.842.4177
Telephones – 02.817.7777, 02.8181810

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  1. Dear friends, i have no idea where i originally got this card from any longer. in our nation i could not find it anywhere, so we created a file close to it and add a salvation prayer on the end. but now i have found your website. Unfortunately i have now distributed this card i created from your card far and wide. i want to sincerely ask forgiveness for this – it was never my intention to do copyright infringement or anything like that. I just want to let you know about this so that it does not pain your heart if you find it somewhere. please can you forgive me. i have printed many copies and we are giving it out on the street, in somali town etc etc. My sincerest apologies from the bottom of my heart.


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