Apple removes “Christian app” from iPhone

Apple caves in to LGBT activists and removes Christian app from iPhone

Apple Company, makers of iPhone removed a Christian ministry’s app after an LGBT group petitioned its removal at The LGBT group claimed the Christian app was hateful & dangerous. It’s a “heinous product that dehumanizes people,” said Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen. The group urged Google and Amazon to do the same because Christian apps like these implied that homosexuality is a “sin.”

Although it stemmed from a single person’s false accusation, Satan’s move to influence many people to accuse Christians as “gay haters” is increasing. Despite being untrue, the accusations besmirch Christian teachings. Atheists accuse Christians who say that homosexuality is a sin, to also mean that Christians hate homosexuals. The result is hatred towards Believers.

Incidentally, former iPhone and Facebook executives admit the dangerous side effects of these social media platforms. As these companies embrace political correctness and tolerance, Generation Z will embrace what God calls sins, as social mores.

→ “No Outsiders” curriculum teaches gay lifestyle kids.


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