Nick Skubish Miracle: Are Angels Real?

The testimony of Nick Skubish who claims to have seen an angel when he met an accident when he was a young boy

In 1994, Chrisse Scubbish and her child Nick went missing for two days. No one knew their whereabouts. Her aunt Karen Nichols-Daniels had a premonition two days before and began to see visions on where they probably were.

Karen and her husband drove 8-hours to Placerville in California, with only gut and instinct. With the help of El Dorado County, Deputy Rich Strasser found Chrissy dead and naked but Nick alive. They were highway east of Sacramento and wound up at the bottom of a 40-foot embankment.

Nick Skubish had been without food or a blanket for three and a half days. With the temperature plunging to 40 degrees at night and 100 degrees by day, he made it through with few scratches. He had no blanket, food, or water.

The car accident was hidden from view. No one could have known about it without Karen’s premonition. The day before, someone called 911 after seeing a naked lady lying by the roadside and another woman running back and forth. All these placed a mark on Chrisse and Nick’s whereabouts.

Nick said later he saw angels and also saw two naked women. One was running around, and the other was standing beside him. Interestingly, he said he died too and was with Jesus. Nick was three years old at that time.

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