Grandmother, prevented from leading Bible study

Artis Breau, 84-Years old widow threatened for eviction because of Bible Study

An 84-year-old Vet widow Artis Breau would face “involuntary discharge,” or expulsion from the Veterans home unless she stops volunteering as a Bible study leader. Artus led Bible studies and invited other residents of the home for the last ten years. The devil seemed to have taken a step ahead of her by using left-leaning people, and was threatened for eviction.

A Jew againts a Jewish Christian

The threat stemmed from one resident who couldn’t sleep thinking about heaven and hell which she taught in the Bible study. In addition, her Judeo-Christian Jewish belief enraged a “paid rabbi” in the facility in a “menorah display” incident. The Veterans Home through its attorney threatened Breau with expulsion if she didn’t stop offering the voluntary Bible studies.

The lawyer claims the decision was for the “health and wellbeing” of the residents (Fox News). The California Veterans organization (CalVet) deemed it as “elder abuse, emotional abuse, and otherwise illegal.”

Restoring her religious freedom

Thankfully, the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) announced that a Bible study for elderly residents of the Veterans Home of California has been restored last May 3, 2019. The group study has been shut down since December 2018 and Artis was prevented from leading the Bible study which she has been doing for several years.

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