Atheist Delusion: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Why evolution is an atheist delusion when faced with Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity, and structure of the universe

Militant atheist Richard Dawkins wrote ‘The God Delusion.’ His life-long passion is to prove God does not exist. Like Darwin, everything happened “by chance,” there is no designer.

Darwinists want to eliminate God. Removing accountability allows freedom to live in sin, atheists admit. Atheism is growing, and students are conditioned to accept Darwin’s theory as fact. Thankfully, Christian scientists-creationists and astrophysics debunk evolution.

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1. Intelligent Design

Philip Johnson coined Intelligent Design (ID). It is the high mathematical improbability of a complex system — evolving from a less complicated system. Although ID is pseudoscientific, it’s proponents are biologists, doctors, physicists, and scientists.

For example, evolutionists claim that the (mathematical) chance of a simple 200-component organism can be formed by mutation and natural selection. But that chance is less than one chance out of a “trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion.” [Hugh Ross]

DNA, dead end for evolutionists

Another example of ID is the mathematical complexity of DNA. Astute evolutionists who insist DNA/RNA proof of evolution is the height of foolishness. The more scientists attempt to decipher DNA, the more they discover its complexity.

Fine-tuning of the cosmos

To support life on earth, our planet has to be preconditioned. If it were not designed properly, the earth’s spin, tilt, gravitational constant, and even shape would make life unsuitable. The reason viability on planet Mars is a big joke.

Law of probability

A single cell holds 42 million protein molecules. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. The probability of a properly folded chain of one-handed amino acids (joined by peptide bonds), is 10^164 chances.

In short, the law of probability computes it at about “three hundred trillion trillion trillion” chances, and this is just for a single chain.

When evolution is improbable

A bacteria in a Komodo Dragon’s saliva can kill, but it won’t affect another Komodo. Bombardier beetle can defend itself by squirting boiling acid. It does it by mixing two chemicals separated into two compartments inside its body.

How is it possible for a bacteria or acid to generate without killing its host during the evolution process? Unless, of course, they were created with intelligent intention. Now, can we really say that “far more complex humans” simply evolved?

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2. Irreducible Complexity

Biochemist Michael Behe coined irreducible Complexity (IC). He defines it as a single system composed of several interacting parts. The removal of any one of the parts causes the system to cease functioning effectively.

New science about DNA practically destroys Darwin’s evolution.

Over the last 25 years, through nanotechnology, scientists discovered a labyrinthine of turbines, miniature pumps, sliding clamps, complex circuits, rotary engines, and machines for copying, reading, and digital editing information in a living cell. [S. Meyer, Discovery Institute]

These circuits and machines depend on the coordinated function of many separate parts.

For example, bacterial cells are propelled by miniature rotary engines (flagellar motors) that rotate at speeds up to 100,000 rpm. As if a car company designed it. [S. Meyer]

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Anatomy, Fossils, Biogeography, Homologous features

These features prove things move to settle into place, and there are shared molecular structures and habits among living things. But that is not the same as evolving.

The evolution theory depends on the “great age of rocks” calculated by a “geologic timescale.” However, the measure was recently invalidated by laboratory experiments. [Schwartz]

The Cambrian Period

When Darwin published ‘On the Origin of Species‘ in 1859, he considered the Cambrian Explosion one of the most significant challenges to his entire position. However, it led to more questions. [Answers in Genesis]

Even if God used an “eruptive evolution,” the Cambrian evidence is inconsistent with the typical (and logical) gradual pace of evolutionary change claim. [Biologos]

Isaiah 45:18
For this is what the Lord says, He who created the heavens. He is the God who formed the earth and made it, He established it and did not create it as a waste place, but formed it to be inhabited. I am the Lord, and there is no one else.”

3. The Structure of the Universe

Many evolutionists agree the universe is expanding. It also means God has plenty of rooms to create beyond what we know. What we’re sure of is that our solar system makes it a perfect place for our planet to thrive. [Genesis History]

  • If the sun were closer to earth, we’d be toast.
  • The moon is perfectly positioned. If the gravitational pull is less or stronger, it will disrupt the earth’s waters, flora, and fauna. The moon also helps shield us from asteroids.
  • If the planets were to switch positions with Mars, the temperature would be -80 °F (60 °C). Mars has no rain or clouds, and humans won’t survive.
  • Without the moon and planets like Jupiter, the earth will constantly be bombarded with asteroids and comets.
  • If the earth spun faster, it would affect the wind producing erratic weather.

Abiogenesis is an evolutionists’ oxymoron

Louis Pasteur disproved spontaneous generation. The natural process that life arose from non-living matter is dead-end science, and only an omnipotent being can create something from nothing. In Parmenides’ words, “Nothing comes from nothing.

Multiverse theory, a convenient excuse for evolution

Assuming another dimension is exists, the multiverse will be a big problem for “naturalists” (evolutionists). In the Big Bang, the constants (universal laws) could have been set to anything, but the constants somehow led life to form.

For an “intelligent life” to happen at random is IMPOSSIBLE because the odds against “perfect fine-tuning” are astronomical — a multiverse theory solves it.

Instead of one universe with optimal constants, you have zillions each, with its own set of laws. Anything is possible, how convenient!

Cosmic inflation

Even if cosmic inflation is true, it requires a “leap of faith” to believe in a multiverse, physicist Paul Davies. The conundra on how the cosmos exist have a simple explanation. Occam’s razor would best apply, “God said so.”

Biosignatures of Mars

Evolutionists poise Mars as a cosmic model for evolution, citing biosignatures. Assuming there are biosignatures on Mars, there are no energy sources — Mars is a dead planet. Even if H2O is present, space radiation is too high. Terraforming is impossible.

The missing link, still missing

Despite archeological advancement, Darwinists have not found the “missing link” to support evolution.

The Mars Propaganda: Scientists insist life is viable on other planets like Mars. This means humankind is not unique, aliens are real, evolution is scientific, and Genesis fiction. Mars colonization is “stupid and non-sense,” says former astronaut Bill Anders.

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The universe declares God is true, and His name is Jesus — He offers redemption from sin!

Christians have evidence that God is real because of the historical Jesus, miracles, and fulfilled prophecies. Jesus promised to save those who believe in Him from the coming wrath of God. The question is, are you willing to believe? (John 3:16)

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

DNA makes evolution impossible.
Why are you attracted to atheism?
Cosmic inflation and multiverse fallacy.


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