Why Evolution is an Atheist Delusion


Atheist Delusion: Basic Science Proves Creator and Refutes the Evidence of Evolution, Making Atheism a Delusion

Atheist-evolutionists Richard Dawkins wrote ‘The God Delusion.’ His life-long passion is to prove God does not exist. Like Darwin, they presuppose everything happened “by chance,” there is no designer. Students are ‘mind-conditioned’ to accept Darwin’s evolution theory as fact. Christian scientists-creationists and astrophysics debunk it.

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1. Irreducible Complexity

Biochemist Michael Behe coined irreducible Complexity (IC). He defines it as a single system composed of several interacting parts. The removal of any one of the parts causes the system to cease functioning effectively.

Over the last 25 years, through nanotechnology, scientists discovered a labyrinthine of turbines, miniature pumps, sliding clamps, complex circuits, rotary engines, and machines for copying, reading, and digital editing information in a living cell.

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These circuits and machines depend on the coordinated function of many separate parts. For example, bacterial cells are propelled by miniature rotary engines (flagellar motors) that rotate at speeds up to 100,000 rpm. As if these were designed by a car company. (Stephen C. Meyer)

Anatomy, Fossils, Homologous features, and Biogeography

It does prove things move to settle into place or there are shared molecular structures or habits among living things. But that is not the same as evolving. There are no ‘transitional fossils‘ even after 161 years of emphatically saying humans evolve from apes. The evolution theory depends on the “great age of rocks” calculated by a “geologic timescale.” However, the measure was recently invalidated by laboratory experiments.

Convergence of what evidence?

Even if God used an “eruptive evolution,” the evidence of the ‘Cambrian explosion‘ is inconsistent with the more typical gradual pace of evolutionary change claim. 

New science about DNA practically destroy’s Darwin’s evolution. Cell evolution is mostly about destroying complex equipment that hinders immediate survival.

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2. Intelligent Design

Philip Johnson coined Intelligent Design (ID). Although ID is classified as pseudoscientific, it’s proponents are biologists, medical doctors, physicists, and scientists. One example of ID is the high mathematical improbability of a “complex system” evolving from a less complicated system.

Case and point, the chance of a simple ‘200-component’ organism could be formed by “mutation and natural selection” (as evolutionists claim), is less than “one chance” out of a “trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion.”

As such, a “Darwinian assumption” is incoherent, despite their knowledge of physics or biology. Naturally, evolutionists insist that a mathematical chance is probable because of the “laws of chemistry and nuclear physics.” Ironically, this very assumption admits Intelligent Design because of a governing element.

Direct observation does not prove evolution

You cannot use direct observation as a definitive fact unless you’ve witness evolution from its beginning. To say some insects can resist bacteria or pesticides (to survive from a threat) is proof of intelligent design, not evolution. It’s not as if these insects mutated into a new organism.

DNA complicates evolution

To cite DNA/RNA as proof of evolution complicates their claim because of DNA’s Irreducible Complexity and Intelligent Design.

Pinoy atheists uses humanism to gain traction.

3. The Structure of the Universe

The moon and sun are perfectly positioned to sustain life on earth. If the planet were to switch position with Mars, the temperature would be -80 °F (60 °C). Mars has no rain or clouds, and humans won’t survive.

Without the moon and planets like Jupiter, the earth will constantly be bombarded with asteroids and comets. The way our solar system works makes it the “perfect planet for life” and humans bear the image of our creator. (Genesis History)

Abiogenesis is an evolutionists’ oxymoron

In the words of Parmenides, “Nothing comes from nothing.” Louis Pasteur disproved spontaneous generation. Thus, the natural process that life arose from non-living matter is dead-end science.

Biosignatures and the missing link, are still missing

Despite decades of archeological research, Darwinists have not found the “missing link” to support evolution. Similarly, even if biosignatures are on a planet like Mars, all life–no matter how different it is from life on Earth needs an energy source to thrive, which poses a new question.

All the brouhaha colonizing another planet is nonsense. Even if there is water in Mars, space radiation is too high and the atmosphere can’t sustain life. Terraforming will never be possible. The Mars colonization is a “hype. “It is stupid and non-sense, says former astronaut. Its mind conditioning to make you believe life is possible elsewhere; that mankind is not unique, aliens are real, we evolved from nothing, and Genesis is fiction.

Nothing Was Created Without Jesus!

To an atheist humanist, God is imaginary, and Jesus is a ‘cult figure,’ despite historical and medical facts of his ‘Divine Resurrection.’ The universe tells you there is God, and His name is Jesus. This implication is important for everyone because only Jesus promised to save those who believe, as the Armageddon draws near.

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Without Jesus, nothing was created (John 1:3), hence the ‘Holy Trinity of God.’ Ergo, the burden of proof is on the evolutionists because we already have our evidence in Christ Jesus. The question is, are you willing to believe? (John 3:16)

DNA makes evolution impossible.
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Cosmic inflation and multiverse fallacy.

Albert is an academic researcher and UX/UI content manager. He is a graduate of Asian Studies and went to the Asian Bible Seminary and Trinity College of Music. He is happily married with three lovable teenagers.


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