“Free thinking” endangers our culture

The other names of Atheism

Atheism has other names; humanists, freethought, freethinkers, and Freedom From Religion. They all share the same ideology; that we are merely existential beings free to make a moral judgment as we see fit and without the need for God.

Millennial atheists

Filipino Atheists and Agnostics are growing among Millenials. Likewise, Satanists are out in the open and these organizations are a threat to our culture. In the US, witchcraft, and atheism rises among millennials, the result is a society that pushes for abortion, same-sex marriage, and Christian persecution.

Demonic influence of equality and diversity.

“Freethinkers and Free thought “

Their ideas are opposed to God. No wonder they decry scriptures. Consider what they fight for: Same-sex marriage, gay rights, abortion, and hedonism. Satan, the ruler of this world, has deceived them. They are consumed by the lies of the devil that they cannot see the truth. (1 John 5:19; Revelation 12:9)

Equality, Diversity, and Tolerance

In the west, “free thinkers” are associated with “identity politics.” They fight for the same cause and calls it tolerance, fluidity, and diversity. They emasculate men and empower feminists for the wrong reasons. Satan wants to blur the lines between righteousness and sin. Self-pride and equality is the sin of Lucifer.

→ Why are you an Atheist?

Jesus promised to return, the signs are clear and when He does, all men will know God.

→ The atheist delusion and mathematical improbability of evolution.

What can Christians do?

A new form of atheism comes in an old disguise: Disrespect to authority and lose morals. The victims are young people from dysfunctional families. Christians must fight the real political threat by pushing for traditional Filipino values.

A God-fearing nation is blessed, that is why sharing the Gospel to the lost is an important step. If you are a Christian, getting into Bible Studies and Apologetics is a must.

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Ex-Satanist John Ramirez warns Christians.

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