Atheist Mocks Musicians Claiming Equality of Outcomes

Atheist Bill Maher Mocks Rolling Stone’s Article on Musicians Claiming Equality of Outcomes

In the 1990s, the American educational system introduced “equality of outcome” among young kids. Basically, every kid gets a trophy, no matter how good or bad they are at something.

The result of this kind of thinking is that “American kids now have a totally deluded and unearned belief in their charm, brains, and talent,” Bill Maher said in his late-night show.

Maher then cited an article in Rolling Stone magazine titled, ‘Data Shows 90 Percent of Streams Go to the Top 1 Percent of Artists.’

Of all people who would criticize the leftist mob, Maher was basically saying that streaming has not given musicians the “equality of outcomes.” This is something a conservative (Christian) would say.

Demonic influence of left liberals vs. conservatives.

Rolling Stones complaining about inequality

In 2019 alone, more than 1.6 million artists released songs between January and July 20, according to the magazine. That means thousands of tracks a day on Spotify are uploaded. Yet Rolling Stone complains about today’s streaming landscape, the host added.

In short, the cry for equality is impossible to apply to everyone. Not everyone is talented, he quipped.

Yet the magazine Rolling Stone complains that out of all the streamed material, only two artists are at the top, with the bottom at only 90% pulling in point six percent of streams.

Certain types of music are not for everyone, and everyone does not like certain music. Google the word “reality,” Maher said.

Atheists who became Christians.

Demonic ideology of Equality of Outcome

Democrats push for “diversity, inclusion, and equality,” apparently to support gender and religious freedom. However, the opposite is true. Their liberal policies have caused Christian persecution, especially among religious conservatives.

While Maher supports certain forms of equality, ironically, an intellectual atheist like him points to the duplicity and hypocrisy of the left ideology.

The result is chaos demonstrated in the recent social-political unrest that beset the country during the Trump era. In 2021, President Biden pushed the “Gender Equality Act of 2021.”

Demonic influence of equality, diversity, and tolerance.

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