I hate you son, I love you dad!

Nett Gochuico testimony, an abused child turned atheist and became like his own father

Get lost!

Nett Gochuico was unwanted from birth. A menopause baby, he was conceived unintentionally. His father blamed him for losing his business when he was born. One day, his dad brought him to the market and asked him to wait for him at a corner. As it turned dark, Nett realized his dad left him. Determined, Nett was able to find his way back home.

His dad was shocked to see him return home. At that moment, Nett realized his dad wanted him out for good. What followed were years of abuse and animosity. When his father gets drunk, he abused Nett, “kaya ako naghihirap dahil sayo!,” he remembers.

Pinoy atheists groups in the Philippines.

As a young boy, Nett Gochuico was literary sacked & abused as brutal punishment for being born.

Punching bag

His dad would put Nett on an empty sack of rice and hit it as if it was a punching bag. At first, he felt fear and pain. Soon, he became numb of the torture, his heart hardened. His father would only stop when he gets tired while his mother did nothing.

Naturally, Nett’s heart became cold and bitter. He was consumed with revenge and looked forward to the day he can put his own dad in a sack, dead or alive, and beat him as he did. “I no longer believe in God,” he said. The hypocrisy of his Dad destroyed his faith. They went to church on Sundays yet coming home, his dad drank and beat him.

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Why would a loving God allow this?

For Nett, if ever there was a God, he is a WEAK God!, “Mahina siya, kasi isang bata he cannot protect!” he said. When he turned 10 years old, he became a bully. He had access to a real gun and with his “little gang”, they’d wait for someone pious coming out of the church and beat the crap out of them. He’d ask them to recant their faith, otherwise, he’d shoot the gun. “Kapag hindi mo sinabing walang Diyos, bilibilang ako ng tatlo, babarilin kita,” he’d say to his victims.

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Turning the tables

Gaining confidence as a bully, he said to himself one night, “I will not allow my father to hit me again.” Moments before he was about to be sacked, Nett strangled his father. “Just try to hurt me and I will burn this house and kill mom,” he said. For the first time, his dad couldn’t say anything, he was scared as hell. That night, Nett realized he now had power over him.

Just try to hurt me and I will burn this house and kill mom!

Settling down

Nett got married and settled in Palawan. One day, his daughter had malaria. To save her, she had to be airlifted to Manila for proper care but they had no means. A son of a Pastor came to their house and offered prayers for his daughter who was near-death. “Do you believe Jesus son of God, are you willing to accept Him as your Lord and Savior?” he asked.

Nett replied, “I will, I am desperate, nothing is working.” His daughter was about to go into Blackwater Fever, but miraculously, her fever dissipated in a few days and she became well. What happened became a turning point in Nett’s life.

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The demons have not left

Nett’s daughter was doing her homework. It was difficult and she kept on crying. Irritated, an “angry spirit” came over Nett and he lifted her from her neck. He wanted to strangle her. His wife began to shout but Nett couldn’t hear anything or stop himself. He wanted to twist the neck of his beloved daughter.

After making sense of what just happened, Nett wanted to leave his family, he felt hopeless. Later, he went to counseling and devoted his time to God’s words. Eventually, his demons could no longer influence him and left, but not his hatred.

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Nett preached to others God’s way to heaven, but he didn’t want his father to be saved.

Send my dad to hell!

For three months, Nett’s prayer was for God not to send someone to share the Gospel with his father. He still hated his parents who didn’t even attend his wedding. He doesn’t want his father to go to heaven. It doesn’t make sense to him that if they both meet in heaven, animosity will remain and they will just continue to fight.

He hated his mother as well, “Pag namatay ka hindi kita iiyakan….” True enough, he never saw his mother again, even when she died. His wife rebuked him. “How can you teach the Bible yet not desire for your father to be saved? You are a hypocrite,” she said.

He hated his parents who didn’t even attend his wedding.

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Turning point

Isaiah 6:5-7 became Nett’s turning point. He realized that he was a sinful man who God had mercy and made clean, yet his hatred was the opposite of God’s desire for everyone. “I have been playing around with you God, yet, your love is so great,” he said. From then on, he humbled and submitted himself to God and committed his life to Jesus for good.

Visiting his dad

Nett decided to visit his aging sick father regularly. First, it was out of obligation, but after five months, he began to look forward to it. Their conversation became deeper and eventually, his dad asked forgiveness. “If God can forgive someone like me, why can’t I forgive someone like you, yet God loved me,” he said.

God did answer Nett’s prayer. No one came to share the Gospel with his dad. Instead, he was the one who brought the Good News to his father. Nett was able to share with his dad God’s love and salvation. A month later, his father died.

A month later, his father died.

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Because of God’s grace, their relationship was reconciled.

A new creation

Nett is a new creation. His bitterness, fear, and anger were replaced with God’s love. “Even if you raise your fist against God, His love will endure! He is not affected by your emotions because He promised to love those who believe,” he said.

Today he is a servant of God teaching Biblical truths and encouraging others who like him, had bitter resentment with their parents. Nett Gochuico also teaches parenting and is a Pastoral leader of CCF’s youth organization.

God promised to love those who believe.

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