Atheists countries more affected by Covid-19 than others?


Coronavirus overwhelms some countries but left others barely untouched

Asian countries with extreme Christian persecution hit worst

Hard hit in Asia is Iran, China, Turkey, India, where the COVID-19 death rate is at least a thousand people. These countries are where the highest “Christian persecution” in the world is happening, according to Open Doors.

Iran and Iraq riddle

As of May 2020, Iran (82M pop.) has almost 7,000 deaths, while Iraq only has 100 deaths (38M pop.). Is it because Iran is more open to Christianity and has the world’s fastest-growing underground churches? [Fox] Interestingly, Christians in Iraq who used to be called Babylonia are close to extinction [BBC].

→ What we can learn from Chinese Believers.

The once great European Empires are worst hit

Spain, Italy, UK, and France were hardest hit by the virus in Europe with an average of 200,000 infections per country, with at least 25,000 deaths. These countries used to be conquerors, killing, and enslaving natives, is this retribution?

Germany and Poland riddle

Germany (83M pop), where the Nazis wanted to annihilate God’s people, has 7,000 deaths while neighboring Poland (38M pop), who they persecuted in WW2, has 700 deaths to date. Current data show Europe is suffering the most. Is it because they have more elderly or because Europe has become agnostics, atheists, that very few people have asked God to intervene?

‘Ultra-Liberal’ States in USA suffering the most

In the US, worst states hit by COVID-19 are leftist-democrat states – New York, New Jersey, Massachusettes, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. They opened their abortion clinics yet closed down churches during the lockdown. Is it because most leftists are atheists, that they have not called on God to help them?

Left-leaning NY Times interview with infectious experts suggest demographics, culture, environment, and government responses, genetics, pre-existing conditions are reasons why Coronavirus thrives in some places and in others does not.

Florida and New York riddle

The population of Florida is 21.5 Million vs. New York with 19.5, yet it has 40,000 cases compared to NY with 325,000, as of April 2020. The state budget of Florida is balanced, but NY’s is in debt. Is it because NY is a far-left “liberal” Democrat state vs. Florida which is mostly “conservative” Republicans?

Is God against atheists countries?

Truth is, Jesus wants to save everyone, especially those who are agnostics or atheists. Jesus has been revealing himself in Iran through dreams and vision, for the days of His return is near! A Christian revival is happening in China, where Christians are being jailed or killed. One thing is true as the Psalmist said:

The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,
And His ears are open to their cry.
The face of the Lord is against those who do evil,
To cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.

Psalm 135:15-16

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