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Christian Apologist, Preacher, Author, Steve Mark Urick, Gone Too Soon

Steve Urick was raised a Roman Catholic. He was 21 years old when he heard the Gospel at a Billy Graham Crusade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his hometown. Steve became a Believer that day. He heard the Gospel preached, loud and clear.

On fire, Steve began an evangelism outreach four months after. He shared the Bible with students at Arizona State University. In 1980, he returned to Milwaukee and had the burden to preach the Gospel to Roman Catholics. Through this “catholic outreach,” he wrote a gospel tract for Catholics.

A few years after, Steve attended an extension class in Milwaukee through the Moody Bible Institute. He studied theology and evangelism. He also served as a staff evangelist at Milwaukee Bible Church.

A prolific writer

It was there he wrote 75 gospel and apologetic tracts later compiled into booklets; then unto a book, “The Truth About Roman Catholicism: What Every Catholic Need to Know.” Steve was able to write and publish 14 Christian books.

An amazing feat for someone who lived ordinarily to serve the Lord. His passion was evangelism, outreach, and apologetics.

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Apologist and author, Steve Mark Urick, gone too soon.

Going home

Steve Urick loved meeting new Christians to help them grow in their faith. For them to not just have an emotional experience, but be rooted in the correct doctrine. “It is the greatest work any Christian can do,” he said.

On April 24, 2015, Steve went home to his Lord and Savior. He fought cancer for six years. As a born-again Christian Believer, he dedicated his life to writing and evangelism.

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Steve Urick’s greatest accomplishment

In his 56 years on earth, there were no fanfares, mass gathering of crowds, not even a YouTube channel. His greatest accomplishment is that in all his works, it wasn’t Steve who got the glory, but Jesus alone glorified – Such an amazing testimony!

in all his works, it wasn’t Steve who got the glory, but Jesus alone glorified!

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