Banana Man Ray Comfort Story

The story of Banana Man: Why Ray Comfort was called a fool and idiot; the poster boy of atheists

In 2001, the young (and nervous) Ray Comfort spoke in an atheist convention. He illustrated for the first time the joke about a banana and Coke. These were used to illustrate Intelligent Design. Hence, he became known as the “Banana Man.”

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron

He later did the same pun with Kirk Cameron that catapulted Comfort as an atheist clown. He was called “fool and idiot.” However, what Satan meant evil; God meant for good. (Genesis 50:20)

Unintended sharing of God’s truth

Famous atheists like Richard Dawkins, without intention, accidentally shared the fallacy of atheism through the Banana illustration—and several times. Left-Liberal mainstream media like HuffPost picked up the story.

As a result, Ray Comfort’s Gospel presentation racked millions of more views—The Gospel preached!

Why is Jesus called Lamb of God?

The Banana Story of Ray Comfort.

How to share the Gospel.
The promises of Jesus to His followers.

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