How the Bible is Twisted

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2. Jesus Christ is merely a good person, not God

For atheists, God is a fairytale; therefore, the Bible is fiction, and evolution is real. Likewise, even the historical Jesus, although his example of humility, love, and sacrifice are worth edifying, is not God for false religions like “Iglesia ni Cristo,” Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Mormons.

How is it twisted?

A. “Jesus never said He was God”

Understandably, as Jesus spoke in parables, specific Bible verses say Jesus is a mere prophet. However, there are also Bible verses that say Jesus is God. Still, these false Christian religions would not interpret it as such because they are their own God.

B. “Like Jesus, God sent other prophets”

There have been numerous false prophets who claim they are incarnate of Jesus or God’s son. A church following is built around them, and a sense of cult following is visible in what they wear or worship.

They elevate the stature of their church by implying that salvation is by “church membership” and doing certain obligations to meet God’s grace.

They refer to their church leaders as modern-day prophets, equal to Jesus, who is just a man like them, after referring to themselves as apostles with “new revelations” from God. In other words, their appetite for God is about themselves, not who Jesus truly is. [SDA on Saturday]


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