Outline of Evidence for Bible Authenticity

Outline of evidence for the authority of Scriptures above other religions of the world

The Holy Bible is a historical document with primary and secondary sources. For example, the old testament has scribes, prophets who wrote first-hand experience, and “handed knowledge” (oral tradition).

In the new testament, we have first-hand witnesses, letter correspondence, and written revelations from God.

  • The Old Testament Bible is God’s words and a historical document written 1,200 BC, with about 10,000 manuscripts discovered.
  • The New Testament (NT) has 25,100 manuscripts discovered with a 99.5% textually pure.
  • The New Testament copies are less than 100 years apart from the original.
  • There is biographical and archaeological evidence for the Bible. [Biblical Archeology Society]
  • Prophecies fulfilled proves its divine source. [Reason to Believe]
  • Jesus is a historical figure, attested by extra-Biblical sources. The resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate proof of God and the Bible’s authenticity. [Warner Wallace]
  • Compared to other ancient manuscripts, the Judeo-Christian Bible was preserved for 3,400 years.

Comparing the accuracy of Biblical manuscript with Plato, Herodotus, Euripides, Aristotle, Emperor Ceasar, and Homer

The New Testament copies are less than 100 years apart from the original document. Compared with other ancient manuscripts, the Judeo-Christian Bible is considered accurate.

There are older religions like Hinduism established thousands of years before Jesus was born. But the founders of these ancient faiths were philosophers, prophets, or polytheistic deities.


Homer (643)
Pliny (7)
Tacitus (1)
Ceasar (10)
Plato (7)
Euripides (10)
Aristotle (49)
Herodotus (8)
New Testament (24,633)


762 AD
61 – 113 AD
90 AD
58 – 50 BC
427 – 347 BC
431 BC
384 – 322 BC
480 -425 BC
48 -80 AD


800 BC
850 AD
900 AD
956 AD
900 AD

1100 AD
900 AD
130 AD


500 Years
750 Years
900 Years
1000 Years
1200 Years

1400 Years
1400 Years
80 Years

Other significant Bible manuscripts

  • The John Rylands Fragment (P52) of the Gospel of John dated 117-38 AD, which is only a few decades after the original manuscript was written.
  • The Bodmer Papyri dated from 175-225 AD, and the Chester Beatty Papyri 250 AD accounts for less than 200 years (other manuscripts found were within a 100-years gap) from the date of authorship.

List of Christian scientists and intellects.

Unique claims found only in the Bible

  • Over 2,500 prophecies have already been fulfilled.
  • Jesus made 17 predictions, and seven came true after his death and resurrection. The rest is set towards end times.
  • Only Christianity has the “Living God,” other religions have dead leaders.
  • Only Jesus resurrected and demonstrated power over nature, demons, and life itself.
  • Only Christianity illuminates the beginning of the world, the destiny of men, and the assurance of salvation. The rest of the religions are about Moralistic Deism.
  • Only Jesus died and resurrected so humankind can be saved. The rest is uncertain.
  • Today, Jesus continues to reveal himself in places like China and Iran through visions and dreams.

If the resurrection of Jesus faked, Christianity will collapse

The resurrection of Jesus is the pillar of Christianity. Atheist Lee Strobel relentlessly tried to prove it but failed. Instead, he became a Believer in Christ. If Jesus did not rose from the dead, He is not what he says He is, the apostles are liars, and there’s no hope for humanity.

Atheists Scientists who changed their position on God.

Four proofs that Jesus resurrected

  1. Jesus died on the cross.
  2. Early accounts of the resurrection.
  3. The tomb was empty.
  4. Presence of eyewitnesses.

Read the Case for Christ, evidence of the resurrection.
Download publication of JAMA findings on Physical death of Jesus.

Intellectual Design & Irreducible Complexity.

Christianity in contrast with other religions

  • There is no other religion whose God sent his begotten Son to be a sacrifice offering.
  • Other religions promote love, goodness, and a happy life, but only Jesus promised eternal life.
  • The God of the Bible is Almighty, who has a “redemptive plan for mankind.” No other religion has a promise of salvation nor claims to have a Holy and Just God.
  • Founders of Taoism, Confucianism, Jainism, Buddhism, Shinto, Zoroastrianism, and Hinduism are either prophets or people who attained sublime wisdom. They are polytheistic with an impersonal god.
  • The Bible, in contrast, speaks only of the one true God who is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and personal.
  • Although religions like Islam claim to have the same God as the Bible, their Allah is not the same as the Bible’s God. In the same way, the Christian Bible is completely different from the Quran. [Read Nabeel Qureshi commentary]

Facts proving the Bible is God’s Word.
What is the best Bible translation?

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