Bible Banned Out of Public School

The Bible has now been banned in some public schools in the USA

Since President Biden took office, more policies have come up to censor (religious) books under the guise of the Equality Act of 2021. The move goes along with a blatant anti-Christian agenda to remove the Bible from public school libraries.

In 2022, Texas district Keller Independent School pulled over 40 books, including the Bible, from shelves amid review. On the list was LGBTQ books ‘Gender Queer: A Memoir’ and ‘The Bluest Eye,’ first reported by the Texas Tribune.

These are some of the long lists of gay books that have enraged parents as to why school libraries are endorsing them. Sounds good, and the parents of Keller District should be happy. However, liberal administrators also included ALL versions of the Bible and an Anne Frank adaptation—out of its library shelves.

The trend began in 2020. As the world came to a silent halt, demonic forces were actively inspiring atheist educators to force LGBTQ books on young children.

In Tenessee, the classic books ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ which exposes the harsh reality of racism, and ‘Maus,’ a Pulitzer-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust, were delisted by another school district in Tennessee. Book bans are the new front in the culture wars,” according to Deseret News.

A culture war or a war against Christianity

The new narrative is that the Bible is an excellent book, but there are some parts of the Bible you don’t want your kids reading.

In 2021, Amazon began banning “ex-gay books.” The Christian books were about overcoming homosexuality. Clearly, these books call the gay lifestyle a sin, which offends the LGBTQ community, which is the reason for the ban.

Another reason for banning books is the portrayals of harsh realities that students may not be ready for. Therefore, even if classic texts like the adaptation of the Diary of Anne Frank are essential to critical learning. Such a narrative justifies Banning the Bible, which contains death, sin, and judgment.

Apple and Amazon’s digital book burning and schools banning certain books is a prelude to the ultimate target: the Bible.

State of Libraries Report in 2016

After the LGBTQ win in 2015, the Bible landed on the list of ‘challenged’ books at libraries nationwide. They cited the violence it contains. “You have people who feel that if a school library buys a copy of the Bible, it’s a violation of church and state,” said James LaRue, Office for Intellectual Freedom for the American Library Association, reported by Chicago Tribune.

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