Gender Equality is a Luciferian Ideology

Why Gender Equality is a Luciferian Ideology

Love knows no gender. Scriptures depict Jonathan and David’s brotherly love as more wonderful than that of a woman. Likewise, Ruth declared love for Naomi. This doesn’t mean they had a sexual relationship. However, “gay sex” is an abomination.

In 2021, Democrats proposed the Equality Act of 2021. Since then, the Biden government has had a long list of policies that protect and affirm same-sex lifestyles.

A group of 57 Black Christian leaders opposed it to turn LGBTQ rights into a “sword against faith institutions” that legitimize immorality.

1. Equality is Satan’s nature

Just as Lucifer waged war in heaven and demanded equality with God, he influenced the ungodly with the same sinful pride.

No wonder the Satanic Temple church is a “queer haven.” In fact, Satanists call gay marriage a sacrament, and “woke churches” follow their lead.

LGBTQ’s shining moment was in 2015 when the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. In the same year, the Satanic Temple, known as the “haven of LGBTQ,” had its first state-sanction ritual in Michigan.

Lucifer demanded equality with God.


2. Satan intends to mock God’s design

The end goal of gender confusion is to normalize sin. At the same time, same-sex marriage, homosexual lifestyle, and PRIDE March not only violate the scriptures but also mock God’s design.

LGBTQIA rights are a travesty of how God intended males and females to function. It is perhaps the easiest way for Satan to mock God because the gay lifestyle defiles the body, which is made in His image.

The Age of Confusion

Satan did the same thing with Eve in Paradise; he confused Eve and twisted God’s words. Today, professing churches turn the Bible by referring to God as a non-binary, while medical professionals claim gender is malleable. In 2020, Facebook listed 58 gender options.

Facebook has 58 gender options.

Identity crisis

Another example of how Satan uses confusion to mock God’s design is “social identity.” In liberal America, some people identify as animals, change their age, or turn from male to female and be allowed to join women’s sports.

In California, the L.A. Pony and Critter Club is a support group for those who want to be referred to as a pony, puppy, kitten, bunny, or critter.

Grooming kids

In 2023, Target stores introduced a “gay clothing” line for young people that coincides with the PRIDE Celebration. They introduced bathing suits where the boy’s genitalia may be hidden in a special pouch. Its designer, Erik Carnell, also designed “Satan-inspired” apparel.



3. Satan wants to destroy the nuclear family

Recently, Pope Francis endorsed same-sex unions. As a result, gay parents are even more encouraged to build a family and claim God’s blessings.

Aside from successfully making same-sex marriage law, Democrat Liberals in the U.S. are pushing to remove gender pronouns. The Equality Act of 2021, if passed, will criminalize Christians.

For example, a Christian baker, by law, cannot refuse to make a “gay cake.” Parents against a young child who wants to be a trans child can be considered child abuse.

SCOTUS protects homosexual behavior

According to John MacArthur, laws are created to make way for homosexual behavior. In 2013, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which protects the sanctity of the traditional family.

The court ruling declared that religious objection to homosexuality comes from hate.

For Liberal Democrats like President Obama, who applauded the decision, the Supreme Court has righted that wrong, and the country is better without DOMA.

In short, what Christians call immorality should be protected; otherwise, they will be subjected to “hate crime.”


Psychologist Peter Jordan discusses whether men can ever be equal to women. [Approved gender types]

4. The war against Christians

Kinsey and Sanger

Alfred Charles Kinsey was an American biologist, professor of entomology and zoology, and sexologist. He is known as the father of the sexual revolution who promoted a positive view on pedophilia, incest, and promiscuity.

He promoted sexual equality by challenging societal taboos and stigma through his research, advocating for acceptance and respect for diverse sexual experiences and identities. Despite criticism for his flawed methods, Kinsey’s influence persists today.

In one of his phrases, he said, “The whole army of religion is our central enemy.” Clearly, he did not only promote “sin in the Bible” but was an angry atheist.

Likewise, Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League, or what we know now as Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, and was not only reputed to be a racist but also an atheist out to wage war against Christians. She said, “Birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian church.”

Sanger promoted sexual equality by advocating for access to birth control and reproductive rights for women, empowering them to make choices about their own bodies and futures.

Proxy War of the “Sexual Revolutionaries”

These figures fighting for equal rights and sexual revolutions were very clear in their war against religion. “It was a proxy war attack against Christianity and the king of kings himself to set themselves up against the knowledge of God,” according to White Rose Resistance founder Seth Gruber.

They did his politically and culturally, and we’re dealing with his spiritual warfare and recognize it as doctrines of demons, he said.

Trusting God’s design

It is difficult for someone struggling with gender identity to change sexual orientation. However, like any other sin, we can be victorious in Christ.

God doesn’t call gay people to become straight but to live life with holiness because He is Holy. We can only trust His will and endure until that day when we will all be made new. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

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