Why Gender Equality is a Luciferian Ideology

Why Left-Liberal’s “gender equality” a demonic ideology

Love knows no gender: the Bible records Jonathan and David’s brotherly love more wonderful than that of a woman. Likewise, Ruth declared love for Naomi. This doesn’t mean they had a sexual relationship. “Gay sex” is an abomination. To get around it, Satan used liberal lawmakers to justify sin under the banner of “sex equality.”

LGBTQ’s shining moment was in 2015 when the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. In the same year, the Satanic Temple had its first state-sanction ritual in Michigan. Their ceremony ended with “Hail Satan.”

What does the Bible say about gender equality.

Gender equality has resulted in the following disruptive norms that are anti-Bible and non-scientific

Interestingly, “Half our members are gay, says Satanic Temple’s co-founder Lucien Greaves, which is not to say all gays are Satanic. The point is, equality is Satan’s crux, and here are his reasons:

1. Equality is Satan’s nature

Just as Lucifer waged war in heaven and demanded equality with God, he influences the ungodly with the same sinful pride. No wonder the Satanic Temple church is a “queer haven.” In fact, Satanists call gay marriage a sacrament.

2. Satan’s intent is to mock God’s design

It doesn’t matter for Satan how we sin. He wants to mock God by tempting God’s creation to fall into sin. Satan did the same thing with Eve in paradise. Today, the gay community has devised at least 36 sexual orientations. To realize how ridiculous gender dysphoria is, Facebook has 58 gender options.

3. Satan wants to destroy the nuclear family

Recently, Pope Francis endorsed same-sex civil unions. As a result, gay parents are even more emboldened to build a family that’s an abomination to God. Hence destroying the nuclear family that God explicitly described in Genesis.

To realize how ridiculous gender dysphoria is, Facebook has 58 gender options.

Trusting God’s design

It is difficult for someone struggling with gender identity to change his/her orientation. It’s unfair to “feel” to be born this way. However, just like any other sin, we can be victorious in Christ. God doesn’t call gay people to become a straight person, but to live life with holiness, possible through Jesus.

The secret things belong to God, and we can only trust His will is, no matter how unfair or difficult to accept things we have to endure. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

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