Bible verse, angels, in Saltillo School, unconstitutional

Lee School District asked to remove “Christian verses” and other religious displays

Lee School District in Mississippi was forced to ask teachers to remove religious displays in their classrooms after the notorious Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) complained. The atheist foundation alleged that the school had “multiple unconstitutional religious displays.” Teachers were ordered to take down Christian items such as crosses, angel figurines, and anything with Scripture on it, including painting and bookmarks.

Accused of proselytizing over a cross display

It was a clear attempt to persecute Christians since the items mentioned were all Judeo-Christian in nature. This is not the first time that leftist foundation FFRF demanded religious items to be removed. The Christian Bible is their usual target, despite its positive effects on the nation for the last hundreds of years.

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Some of the items that were asked to be removed by FFRP, citing separation of church and religion. (PHOTO: Posted by a school teacher at Saltillo School on Facebook, but is now removed)

Even an “angel figurine” did not escape persecution

It stemmed from what FFRP said was a concerned Lee County Schools community member who reported the multiple displays. The community member took pictures and sent it to organizations that may find it offensive. FFRP wrote a letter to the school district. The letter said that it was offensive and unconstitutional as it promotes religion in areas of Saltillo Elementary School, frequented by students.

School principal bans Christmas ornaments related to Jesus.

Lee District Elementary school teachers threatened by the leftist organization FFRP and were forced to remove Bible verses on walls and desks.

The law used to bully Christians

School administrators displayed “crosses” and other religious items, such as a sign that read, “Why worry when you can pray” at their desk.” They were mostly gifts and had positive effects on many of them, including students. FFRP’s way of “bullying” has resulted in numerous Christian persecution over the years. The school district likely overreacted to FFRF’s threat.

Depending on how a state interprets the law, similarly, if the SOGIE Bill in the Philippines is enacted, there is no telling how far liberal politicians will go to remove anything that has to do with the Bible.

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