Cure for Neurosis, Anxiety Disorder?


How to overcome neurosis, an anxiety depressive disorder

Neurosis, being neurotic or any mental disorder in the Bible, was often attributed to sin. While it could also be genes, apostle Paul overcame his own struggles by being thankful in all things.

Top bible verses for Anxiety Disorder.

Anxiety and Depressive Disorder

Today, neurosis is labeled as ‘Depressive or Anxiety Disorder.’ These are extreme feelings of anxiety, sadness, depression, hysteria, OCD, irritability, or low self-worth. It’s also the poor ability to adapt, change life patterns, or develop a richer personality. [B]

It’s one of Satan’s best tools that can end in suicide or destroy relationships. Suicide spiked so high in the last decade, a state of emergency declared in some countries. [A]

Why is antidepressant efficacy limited?

Certain neurotransmitters are linked to depression. Drug intervention such as antidepressants provides substantial benefits—long or short term. However, evidence show problems persist despite medications. [McAllister-Williams]

Evidence show problems persist, despite medications.

What Jesus said

Interestingly, Jesus at times referred to mental and physical problems as “demonic oppression” rooted in sin, selfishness, where Satan gets a foothold. “You are healed, go and sin no more,” He said.

The reason is clear if we consider what the Bible says; “Satan wants to destroy and devour us” (John 10:10); “The battle is not flesh but spiritual.” (Ephesians 6:12)

Satan wants to destroy and devour us.

Behavior pattern

Like apostle Paul, he too had depression. In fact, he’d rather die to be with the LORD (Philippians 1:23). Instead, he chose contentment, thankfulness, and hope. The opposite is a sinful behavior pattern.


Discontentment & wanting
Bitterness & unforgiveness
Unbelief & faithlessness
Laziness & idleness


Contentment & rejoicing
Thankfulness & forgiveness
Hope & Endurance

Romans 5:3-5
“… we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope…”

A Biblical response to anxiety and depression

Neurosis is self-consuming. The world shrinks, and all we think about is our problem. Imagine if you were born without arms and legs like Nick Vujicic or Corrie Ten Boom imprisoned in a lice-infested filthy camp.

Yet quadriplegic Joni who was athletic, Joy TanChi raped by seven men, or blind singer Ginny Owens, praised God for what others see as misery.

The point is, there are worse problems in the world—and thankfulness is the solution. Healing takes place when you thank God for everything.

Healing takes place when you thank God for everything.

We will always have trouble in this world—we cannot run away from it. Stand up, take your cross daily, and be thankful for all things. Turn your life to Jesus and ask Him to heal you! (Matthew 16:24-2)

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The Mind of Christ.

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