Persecution in an Orwellian dystopian world


Christian persecution in an Orwellian utopia-dystopian society in 1984, happening today?

“Orwellian” is a condition where a country or society seems a utopia but is actually dystopian. It may refer to a government that appears to promote righteousness, but in reality, aims to destroy freedom.

In an Orwellian society, individuals are under the draconian rule of a “Big Brother.” They use propaganda and create situations whose intent is to brainwash the people into an atheistic ideology. It is ruled by a demagogue.

The book 1984 in present day

The phrase stemmed from the book Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) published in 1949. It’s a dystopian novel in the future, written by English author George Orwell. The fiction is about the repressive government of Oceania. The book 1984 depicts a perpetual war, mass surveillance, and propaganda.

Karl Marx and Orwellian

Critical in an Orwellian society is to brainwash its people into a unified belief system. In George Orwell’s other books, striking similarities are evident with the ideologies of Marxism.

“Big Brother” China

Big Brother is a hero, the hope of the masses and the supreme ruler of the totalitarian state. Similarly, President Xi Jinping is hailed as China’s new hero. In 2018, his term limits as President was removed. He is practically China’s “new emperor”. However, the Coronavirus may be regarded as an ominous sign that he no longer has the “mandate from heaven.”

China by 2049 would have completed its “One Belt and Road” (OBOR) project. What this means is economic domination that they can use to bully Asian countries into accepting their south sea claim. Only the Philippine President seems to have kowtowed to the emperor of a thousand years, elsewhere, China is seen as a “big brother” threat.

CCTV, AI, and Algorithm

With an estimated 176 million public and private surveillance cameras, there is no escape from authorities. In addition, social media is under its control. As a result, Christian persecution since 2018 has increased dramatically.

The government also want Chinese Christians to replace images of Jesus with photos of the communist President, we must pray for China. But hope is not lost, God is moving in Asia and the Middle East. Unlike the USA with its ridiculous examples of political tolerance, China still has conservative values.

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China’s road and digital connectivity towards 2049. (Photo: World Bank)

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Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft are creating an Orwellian society

“Big Brother” USA

Interestingly, some suggest that 1984’s “Big Brother” is “Big Tech” (Amazon, Google, Facebook) in the United States. Matthew Peterson, Claremont Institute, exposes disturbing policies of “Big Tech” who is up and arms against conservative views.

Brent Bozell, of Media Research Center, claims Big Tech is creating an Orwellian society. “Google, in particular, is engaged in political censorship and bias,” says Sen. Ted Cruz. Furthermore, an academic audit suggests Google favors a small number of major outlets.

The list of ultra-left “media bias” is too crowded not to miss. In other words, conservative sources are underrepresented in Google’s search engine.

List of Democrat-led Leftist Media Bias

NPR Opinion
Huffington Post
Mother Jones
New York Times
The Daily Beast
The Economist
The Guardian
The Nation
The New Yorker
The Washington Post


Veritas leaked document from Google

In June 2019, a leaked Google document describes prominent intellectual conservatives PragerU, Ben Shapiro, and Jordan Peterson as “Nazis,” and that action must be taken to loosen their grip on search engines. Censoring conservative views allows ultra-liberals free rein to promote abortion, same-sex marriage, feminism, and gender fluidity, unopposed.

Identity politics

In the USA, “It feels like the only people being allowed to speak up on campus are the violent group of fascist thugs,” says MAGA singer Joy Villa. Conservatives and Christians are being silenced by “Big Tech” because of identity politics.

Google fires James Damore because of conservative views.

What can Christians do?

In the Orwellian world, the media is dominated by “extreme liberal thinkers” and atheistic ideology. They hate God because His moral standards do not fit their agenda and narrative. The Bible warns of a one-world government in the last days. No one can sell or buy anything without the mark of the beast (Revelation 13:17).

Christians can only pray and share God’s word as we await the rapture. Only when Jesus returns can we have true righteousness in the government.

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