Biology Professor fired for insisting “two genders”

Biology Professor Johnson Varkey was fired for insisting “two genders is a biological fact”

Dr. Johnson Varkey, an adjunct Biology professor at St. Philip’s College in San Antonio, Texas, was fired for teaching that only two genders exist. The issue of male and female sexes as a biological fact was never an issue until recently.

According to Professor Varkey, a few students walked out of the classroom last year when he insisted that chromosomes X and Y are “biological facts.” 1

Apparently, Dr. Johnson Varkey’s termination centered on his position about gender, leading to allegations of religious preaching, discriminatory remarks against homosexuals, transgenders, misogynistic comments, which were all unfounded, and his anti-abortion views, as outlined in his termination letter, according to CBN News.

Varkey is also a Christian and a pastor

Dr. Varkey is also a Christian and an associate Pastor of the International Bible Church (IBC) in San Antonio. He hosts the bible teaching ministry, ‘Rehoboth Voice.’ 2

Naturally, he makes no apologies for his convictions, which are also supported by science. Perhaps the reason he earned the ire of left-liberal students who insist that gender is a spectrum.

Following his termination, legal action was initiated by the First Liberty Institute against St. Philip’s and the Alamo Community College District. Consequently, the school reinstated Dr. Varkey in 2024.


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