Blake Allen: Punished for misgendering

Blake Allen and her father were punished by a Vermont school district for gender-neutral bathroom and misgendering

In 2022, Blake Allen, a 14-year-old female high school student at Randolph Union High School in Vermont, was suspended for objecting against a biological male who used a girl’s locker room.

Also, 14, the first-year male student who identified as a “trans girl,” loomed in the girl’s locker room while Blake and her volleyball teammates were changing.

Other transgender people or those who identify as LGBTQ+ would instead use a women’s locker. Perhaps it feels safer for them. However, Blake was horrified and embarrassed. After all, she wasn’t used to undressing and changing with a biological male around.

Blake raised her discomfort and concerns to school officials. However, according to Alliance Defending Freedom, the school did nothing to protect the girls but suspended Blake for speaking up.

Many of Blake’s classmates were supportive but scared to speak up and face backlash; she said in an interview with Fox News last November 2022.

The school asked Blake Allen to write a letter of apology to the “trans student” or face suspension. She replied to them, “I would rather have a 5-day suspension than write an apology,” she added.


Father and daughter vs. transgender student

Her father, Travis, a middle school coach, was frustrated at the school’s response. He expressed those concerns in a community Facebook post, noting that the male student was, in fact, a male who had no business being in the girls’ locker room.

As a result, the school district officials determined that Mr. Travis Allen had “misgendered” the male student and suspended him from his job as the middle school girls’ soccer coach for the rest of the season—without pay.

In an interview with VTDigger, the mother of the transgender student said her family has been experiencing a ‘wildfire of bigotry’ after the media coverage, which she said was inaccurate.

What the school said

On the part of the school, they sent out an email to the players’ families explaining that the locker (multi-stall bathrooms) has plenty of space where students who feel uncomfortable with the laws may change in privacy.

What Blake’s lawyers are saying

All Blake and Travis did were point out that a male student is, in fact, a male, which cost Travis his coaching position and got Blake suspended from school. The school is pushing radical ideologies and threatening to “re-educate” those who don’t fall in line.

No one should lose their job or be suspended from school for voicing their opinion or calling a male a male,” Alliance Defending Freedom.


“Re-education” for those who do not conform

As further punishment—and as a condition for avoiding additional suspensions—the school demanded she submits a “reflective essay” and take part in a “restorative circle” with the “Equity Coordinator” and other students “to understand the rights of students to access public accommodations . . . in a manner consistent with their gender identity.”

In 2019, a former Randolph Union High School co-principal faced sexual exploitation charges. The school is also an outspoken supporter of critical race issues, such as Black Lives Matter advocacy.


The school district punished Blake Allen and her dad Travis for complaining about a male transgender student who used the girl’s bathroom. They have taken the issue to court. (Allen v. Millington)


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