California’s AB 2943 and AB 2119


Christians who stand on Biblical principles may be accused of hate crimes

The law, if passed, will penalize anyone who is against the LGBT community. It will reinforce the move to remove pronouns and ban the Bible because it is against homosexual practices. Christians have no choice but to give in to services that celebrate LGBT, even if it is against his or her religious conviction. This also means that anyone who fails to use the proper gender pronoun for gays may be liable for a hate crime. (AB2943 Law)

It is wrong to ridicule and look down on homosexual people, Jesus taught us to always be loving. However, this bill will prevent Christians from seeking help from counselors, schools, and faith-based organizations that help them live out their biblical convictions on gender identity. Thankfully, AB 2943 that outlaws helping unwanted same-sex attraction is officially dead.



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