School Coach threatened after saying “Christian prayer”

High school coach voluntary prayer is unconstitutional

Atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) in a letter to Cameron School District Missouri said that “Christian prayers” are unconstitutional. After each game, the coach team said a short prayer, anyone was welcomed to join. As a result, someone complained. They accused head sports coach Jeff Wallace and assistant David Stucky of proselytizing the students.

Jeremy Dys, a special counsel said, “This letter is little more than a noisy, public complaint meant to harass and embarrass…” Pastor Tim Harrell, whose son played for the team said, “…anything we can do positive, instead of negative, will influence and help our young people” (NY Post). The District is investigating if a policy was violated.

→ Emily Chaney’s prayer locker removed by atheists.

Filipino Christians should remain vigilant

Atheist groups like FFRF are active in the US to harass, embarrass, and push their anti-God agenda to the American people. The Philippines may feel safe for now from groups like them, but it is facing a growing threat of millennial groups like Freethinkers or PATAS (Philippine Atheists and Agnostic Society), and other ultra-left politicians who push for a demonic ideology in the guise of political tolerance, equality and diversity.

Christian persecution in the modern west.
Equality Act: An end in women’s sports
Real men complete it girl’s sports.

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