2019, Cartoon Arthur comes out and marries a man for kids to watch

Arthur was created in 1992 to give a positive influence on children. Its main character is Arthur. He is an aardvark who shows kids how to deal with childhood challenges such as homework, teachers, and bullies. However, their supposedly “progressive thinking” devolved to interpret same-sex marriage as something positive, and that young children should learn about it, in the spirit of diversity.

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It’s a brand new world?

In this episode, everyone thought Mr. Ratburn, Arthur’s strict cake-loving teacher would be marrying Patty. When the kids arrived at the ceremony, they see Mr. Ratburn marrying a male partner. Patty is his sister. The producers wanted to “educate” kids about a same-sex relationship. They’ve gone to the extra length of showing that they can actually be married.

This “brand new thing” is redefining values formation. Recently, UK primary curriculum introduced a manual for kids 6-10 years old. The subject? To encourage kids they can “masturbate” privately in their bed or in the shower. As shocking and disgusting as it sounds, this is the world the new generation will face. Surely, “end times” is near.

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Why Arthur’s is no longer good for kids

The cartoon has crossed the line of conservative values. It has become liberal and its a bad thing because liberal ideology is rooted in Satanic Ideology. Liberal left accuses Christian conservatives as “backward.” Same-sex couples do not produce biological children. Even if they adopt, kids need a real biological mother and father as a role model (Family Research Council).

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