Church Activists Twist Social Justice, Threatens the Gospel

christian activism

Is Christian Activism Biblical?

Catholics and evangelical church leaders twist scriptures to fight social justice and political change⁠. Christian activists threaten the Gospel because they are setting a bad testimony that other Christians follow.

Activism can be useful for society; it’s a necessary voice

It’s often non-believers and ordinary citizens involved in activism. Christians who are citizens of heaven are set-apart for a higher calling. However, a line is drawn when authorities prohibit worshipping God. We must obey God rather than man.

set-apart for a higher calling.

How Christian leaders fall for Satan’s distraction

Satan wants Christians involved in social issues, its a distraction. Liberal Christians fall for the duplicity of intersectionality, radical feminism, moralistic deism, and racial inequality perpetuated by mainstream media.

Catholics, Evangelical groups setting a bad testimony

In the USA, Faithful America is the largest online community of Christians doing social justice. They support same-sex marriage and BLM. The group unified with “pro-abortion Democrats” in rejecting a “pro-life US president.”

Christians for LGBTQ and Racial Inequality Causes

On June 2, 2020, many Christian churches in the USA posted their support for the BLM organization on their social media. Interestingly, Black activists like Candice Owens say BLM narratives are a product of mainstream media deception.

Likewise, the United Church of Christ supports BLM in the name of social justice. Naturally, they also endorsed same-sex marriage and called for “Equal Marriage Rights for All” in 2005.

Black Lives Matter leaders are trained (atheist) Marxist. They conjure “dead spirits,” where a BLM leader said, “Our power comes not only from the people who are here but from the spirits that we cannot see.”

Lutherans (ECLA) also support social justice. The reason the fight for LGBTQ rights and approves of same-sex marriage and admits lesbian and transgender Pastors.

What is common among them is evident, heresy in the Christian church.

Christian leaders opposing the government

In the Philippines, Catholics and evangelicals oppose several government decisions. They argue with the supreme court, rebuke lawmaker decisions openly—in the guise of social justice and moral accountability. It is setting a bad example.

As a result, a Christian organization of churches was tagged as a terrorist group by the government.

Social Justice is “Egalitarianism”: A fair and just relations between individual and society. There is a wide difference between a God-centered approach to social justice and a man-centered approach. Perfect justice will only come when Jesus returns. That is why Christians must focus on the Great Commission.

Christian activists often quote Ephesians 5 and Proverbs 31 to justify politicking and social activism

To be clear, Ephesians 5:11-12 warns Christians to be set apart. Rebuke heathens and have nothing to do with darkness but convict them. Proverbs 31:9 tells us to help and defend the fatherless, widow, oppressed, just as Nehemiah did. These verses misconstrued.

They are not about civil authority; neither does it encourage civil disobedience. In fact, Paul taught the opposite. “Such resistance greatly displeases the Lord our God,” said apologist Chuck Swindoll.

Unless authorities are trying to prevent Christians to worship God, the church is not in a position to tell the government what to do.

R.C. Sproul commentary on Romans 13.
Examples of submission in the Bible.

Justice and righteousness are important to God. But even Jesus avoided entanglements because all authorities are accountable to God, NOT to men⁠—God will deal with unrighteousness.

When Egypt enslaved God’s people, He rescued them from systemic racism through Moses. However, chaos ensued amongst them. God sent prophets to judge them. In the end, God sent Jesus, and upon His second return, will true social justice come.

When the Apostles said ‘submit to the authorities and respect them,’ They were asking the impossible. Roman authorities were abusive, and they were killing Christians!

Citizens of heaven fight to win souls on earth!

What did the apostles do to fight social injustice?

Well, NONE. There are NO biblical examples of “Christian activism.” Instead, Christ suffered, and the apostles martyred because of politics. Jesus faced social injustice all His life. Though He rebuked religious leaders, He never encouraged civil protest. [Apologist Steve Urick]

“Spiritual issue” is more important than “social issues,” said apologist John MacArthur. Citizens of heaven fight to win souls on earth!

Bottom line, only the Gospel can bring social justice

Christians can rally behind non-church causes who fight for persecuted Christians. But it only aids symptoms. What is better than activism? Actively share the gospel, the answer to the ills of society (John 1:5), said writer John Soulliere. Only Jesus can bring real change.

Actively share the gospel, the answer to the ills of society.

Should Christians rally against government?

When the Gospel changes your life, you go from social issues to spiritual issues, John MacArthur.

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