Christian Humanist is not Christianity

Christian Humanist has nothing to do with Jesus

Christian Humanists are advocates of a Renaissance-inspired philosophy that hopes to reform the church by integrating modern and postmodern philosophies while maintaining a critical, open-minded approach. Their emphasis on intellectual excellence echoes Aristotle’s concept of friendship, where truth is blended with broad Christianity

In the 1990s, Jim Palmer, former pastor of the largest evangelical church in North America, walked away from the Christian faith after two devastating events that shattered his knowledge of the Christian God.

Humanists of America

Humanists, in general, are associated with the Unitarian Universalist church. They value critical thinking and ethical decision-making while advocating for a better society. In practicality, it is ultimately about loving oneself and revolves around man’s self-perceived value.

It is basically a religious movement that explores spirituality but without God. They are “universalists” and “free thinkers” who promote inclusivity, equality, and ultimately self-happiness.

The 1973 Humanist Manifesto II declares Humanism as a religion of ethics, individuality, and men’s rights.

Masking Satanism under the banner of love

Christian humanists, under the banner of “love and acceptance,” embrace cross-dressing, gay lifestyle, and same-sex marriage. Something that the apostles never taught or advocated for. Hence, it is fake Christianity.

God is the author of equality, diversity, and inclusion, but the enemy has twisted its intention. Just as Satan waged war in heaven, he waged war on earth (Revelations 12:7-17) and will deceive many towards the last days.

Self-value, self-love, self-serving

Herbert Schlossberg of Fieldstead Institute wrote ‘Idols for Destruction,’ which reveals how Humanism glorifies history, money, nature, power, religion, and humanity as deities.

It is ultimately about self-love, self-value, and self-serving. It is a trend that reverberated the age of Aquarius in the 1970s, and Jesus has nothing to do with it.

God sends a stern warning

Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desires. They serve as an example of punishment of eternal fire (Jude 1:7).

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