Christian singers who struggled with faith

Christian singers and musicians who struggled with faith and beliefs

Michael and Lisa Gungor’s Quest for a “Good God”

Lisa and Michael Gungor lived a devout Christian life, following strict moral guidelines and excelling in their music career. But in 2006, the Gungors parted ways with Integrity Music because they no longer wanted to be associated with gospel music.

The Gungors stopped following Jesus after Lisa visited Auschwitz and witnessed the suffering of the Jews. Her cousin’s partial healing from cancer and the birth of their daughter with Down syndrome in 2014 further eroded their Christian faith.

The Gungor couple can no longer see the God of the Bible in their family equation—but continues to live in a “generic spirituality” that they alone understand.

Michael and Lisa Gungor, once known as gospel musicians, have moved away from the spiritual beliefs and practices aligned with the Christian Bible and the overall faith.

Chris Rice, “SSA struggle”

Chris Rice is a Christian singer-songwriter who gained fame in the late 1990s for songs like “Untitled Hymn” and “Cartoons Song.” His heartfelt music, which won him awards and undoubtedly brought people closer to God. However, beneath his anointed songs, Rice struggled with same-sex attraction.

At that time, Chris Rice, who was in his 30s, was the worship leader and spiritual teacher at Tates Creek Presbyterian Church in Kentucky. He allegedly used his mentor-like role to engage in inappropriate touching with young men seeking guidance in the music industry.

Former students accused Chris Rice of inappropriate behavior, including massages, touching, and intrusive actions. A third student saw their interactions as a friendship but, in hindsight, realized it was malicious.

These accusations came to light through an investigation conducted by Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE) in 2022.

Chris Rice took a hiatus from his music career for 12 years until 2019, when he released a collaboration with Andrew Ripp. He is focused on his career as a painter and enjoys activities like rock climbing while surrounded by loved ones.

Chris Rice, who sang “Untitled Hymn” (Come to Jesus), has silently left the contemporary Christian music scene and is now devoted to his creative talent in painting and being with his loved ones.

Byron Rice, “openly gay HIV positive”

Byron Rice (aka Byron Keith), a singer-songwriter and son of a pastor, had a significant presence in the Nashville Contemporary Christian music scene. His music resonated deeply, touching the hearts of listeners with its powerful messages of faith, hope, and love.

However, following his marriage, parenthood, and subsequent divorce, Rice took a break from the music industry in 2005.

After seven years of touring, Byron Rice made a courageous comeback, embracing his identity as an openly gay and HIV-positive folk singer.

Today, Bryron Rice still writes and sings about the love of God. Although there are moments of struggle, he continues to keep his faith and do what he loves most: sing and write songs, even if it’s no longer gospel music.

Byron Rice is no longer a gospel musician. Instead, he has embraced his homosexuality and no longer struggles with figuring out the Christin life he wants.


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