Christian teacher refused gender pronoun

Christian teacher accused of discrimination for refusing gender pronouns

A former primary school Christian teacher “Hannah,” was fired in 2021 for not using the new gender pronouns for an 8-year-old student. The school in Nottinghamshire County, England, allegedly helped facilitate a girl’s transition to a boy, to which Hannah expressed her dissent.

Hannah said that the school told all staff to use students’ preferred pronouns. Students were also allowed to use boys’ or girls’ restrooms and dressing rooms they identified with, which Hannah was uncomfortable doing.

Hannah wrote a letter to British Education Secretary to explain the incident. The school warned Hannah that her actions could breach the Gender Data Protection Regulation and amount to discrimination. This could bar her permanently from the teaching profession, reported Newsweek.

Her “personal beliefs,” if acted on, “could be a direct breach of GDPR [Gender Data Protection Regulation] and an act of direct discrimination,” according to The Telegraph and Great Britain News.

She was also accused of criminal offenses under the Digital Protection Act and reported to the Disclosure and Barring Service to prevent her from teaching again.

Schools and teachers are increasingly cautious about addressing transgender issues, fearing accusations of transphobia and legal consequences. Discrimination against conservative religious beliefs is now being punished in the West.


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