Church Title, Position Mean Nothing


Being called Reverend, Bishop, or Pastor does not mean anything except to be a servant who preaches by example

The first time I met a top church official was in a meeting where I offered my creative services for free. Before I embraced mission work, I was in business who supported missionaries behind the wheels.

Naturally, I was busy, so I asked if the meeting could “start on time.” Instead, I was told to wait aside. The Bishop was still having breakfast, not to be disturbed. It felt like an appointment with a government official.

As we worked along with a project, I said his photo was unnecessary for the materials, but he insisted that others recognize him.

Months later, I headed a ministry with the help of a missionary-pastor. As it turned out, they were using the project I headed to expand their own ministry that had the same goal. They undermined my leadership, and so I parted ways.

They blocked me on social media, called me names, and used me as a bad example in their pulpit. Interestingly, they were friends with the Bishop. I wrote him a formal letter to complain, hoping he will mediate, but I heard nothing.

Today, I realized that titles and positions could get in the way of true servant-leadership—something we all need to heed and be careful with.

titles and positions could get in the way of true servant-leadership.

The higher you climb, the harder you fall

The fall of Ravi Zacharias and pastors involved in scandals are warnings to all Christian leaders. Gravitating on one’s church position is the apex of Christian pride—the reason leaders fall.

Superstar Pastors in social media

Well-meaning pastors quote “paraphrased Bible verses” with their name and picture on the post. What they say ultimately comes from God which is technically stealing God’s glory.

Are you a servant or a boss?

Do you feel shortchanged when people don’t address you as “Pastor, Reverend, or Sir”? Another Pastor I know did because I called him by his first name. Our title means nothing; a servant attitude is what sets Christian leaders apart.

a servant attitude is what sets Christian leaders apart.

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