Deconstructing Climate Change Hoax

Greta’s Climate Change hysteria

Climate change is REAL, it’s been a natural cycle for the last 2,000 recorded history. Today, it’s being used by the radical left to promote climate hysteria. They are conditioning young minds and using kids like Greta Thunberg to blame climate change on capitalists. The hysteria is fuelled by something more sinister.

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Scientists disagree on Global Warming

Scientists disagree that Global Warming should be blamed on carbon emission. True, we should reduce CO2 by utilizing natural energy, but the drastic call to cut its use is unthinkable. Atmospheric science professor and physicist Richard Lindzen explains, “There is no evidence that CO2 emission is the dominant cause of climate change.” In addition, to say that “97% of scientists agree on climate change” is untrue.

Bjorn Lomborg of Copenhagen Consensus relates other data indicates sea levels rising, but not accelerating. Likewise, there are places that drought may have increased, but also decreased. Naturally, it’s difficult to believe a handful of a few “dissenting scientists” versus the consensus of say NASA, UN, the French, Russian, and the Japanese Academy of Science. Who dares question climate change? However, many scientists have been wrong in the past.

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Natural causes of Climate Change

1. Increasing Volcano Eruptions
2. Abnormal Solar Fluctuations
3. Medieval Warming & Little Ice Age
4. Internal Variability
5. Milankovitch Cycle

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debunk climate change
Medieval warming and Little Ice Age cycle in the last 2000 years.

Climate Change cycle for the last 2,000 years

  • ↑ The Roman Warm Period (250 BC to AD 400)
  • ↓ The cooler Dark Ages or Holocene (AD 400 and 765)
  • ↑ The Medieval Warm Period (c. 950 to c. 1250)
  • ↓ The Little Ice Age (1300 to 1850)
  • ↑ A gradual 300-year warming 1900 to present

Alarmist’s failed predictions

In 2007, BBC confirmed that the Arctic will be “ice-free” in five years. By 2013, NASA images indicated ice cap recovery. In the mid-70s, ocean scientist Jacques Cousteau rebuked US Representative Rohrabacher. “Within 10 years, the oceans will be black goo, totally dead, destroyed,” Cousteau said. Nearly 50-years later, the ocean remains abundant. (CEI)

1800s to 1950s

Early climate scare has been on and off throughout the century. Tree-ring records in the late mid-1800, showed temperature weakening (before CO2 was a thing), winters were becoming warmer. Then in 1885, the New York Times said: “the world may be frozen, again.” From 1900 to 1950s, alarmists were saying we were either entering an ice age or a warmer climate.

1970s: Ice Age Warning

1970: Ice Age by 2000, Scientist James Lodge Jr.
1971: Ice Age by 2025, NASA Scientist Dr. S.I. Rasool.
1972: Ice Age very soon, George Kukla, Brown University, Geological Sciences.
1974: Ozone depletion, Prof. Thomas M. Donahue, University of Michigan.
1975: Massive Cooling, climatologists Stephen Schneider and Reid Bryson.
1978: International Team finds 30‐Year Cooling Trend in Northern Hemisphere.
2004: Britain in “Siberian climate” in 2020, Pentagon tells President Bush.

1989 to present: Global Warming

1989: Rising seas obliterate nations by 2000, United Nations.
1989: New York City’s Westside underwater by 2019, Scientist Jim Hansen.
2000: Snow will disappear, CRU Scientist, David Viner.
2008: Arctic Ice will disappear in 2013 – 2018, NASA Scientist, Hansen.
2008: North Polar Icecap gone by 2013, Former Vice President Al Gore.
2013: Artic Ice gone by 2016, US Navy Scientist & Arctic expert Peter Wadhams.

Conflicting & failed predictions for the last 50 years proves many things

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United Nations failed prediction

In 1989, the Associated Press‘ U.N. environmental official reported that entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by 2000. They also said that governments only have this 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect, before it goes beyond control. That’s 20 years ago and not a single nation has been wiped out.

NASA Climate report doesn’t conclude much

As of 2019, NASA reports that the temperature is up at 1.9F since the 1980s. That’s nothing compared to temperatures during Medieval Warming. Sea is rising at 3.3 mm per year and it’s not because of Global Warming, it’s more complex than that. NASA consultant Physicist Dr. Fred Singer said, “…neither the overall warming trend or sea-level rise began with the fossil-burning Industrial Revolution.” Likewise, the melting of the ice sheets doesn’t mean it won’t recover. Ice melting happens regularly on century-long scales, said meteorologist Anthony Watts.

Climatologist Scientists used an inaccurate method: Models used by IPCC (United Nations) cannot compute correctly the natural component in the global temperature. The models fail to derive the influences of “low cloud cover fraction.” Research shows that there is no experimental evidence for the significant anthropogenic climate change. (Kauppinen and Malmi)

NASA research shows Jakobshavn Glacier, which has been Greenland’s fastest-flowing and fastest-thinning glacier for the last 20 years, has made an unexpected about-face in 2019. (OMG)

Why are they scaring us?

Climate change is mostly a “leftist-liberal agenda.” There has been a lot of conspiracy on how both sides (activists and deniers) are funded to push a certain agenda. What’s clear is that “Climate scare” is pushing for a major overhaul on energy, resources, and transportation.

Some see it as a thinly veiled socialist takeover of an economy and part of a one-world government agenda. Satan has “mind-conditioning” strategies that are mostly political in nature. He has a strong influence on the media, Hollywood, schools, politicians, and religion itself.

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True, the world will end, but is it soon?

The Bible warns us of “end times“. It doesn’t say if its climate change, asteroid, or nuclear bomb. If God hadn’t intervened, mankind would be wiped out (Matthew 24:22). Our world can end in 12 years or as long as another century. Jesus said nobody knows except our Father in heaven (Matthew 24:36). This world isn’t falling apart but everything is falling into place.

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