Demonic forces behind ‘Climate Change’ ideology

Millennial fraught:
The cloudy “climate change” conspiracy

Yes, the weather is acting weird but it doesn’t mean the world will end soon. That’s scaring little children like what Greta Thunberg does. The fear is real and more women feel they shouldn’t build families anymore. Climate change is so politicized and activists are destroying the hopes of Generation Z and Millennials. No wonder, a supporter of socialist Ocasio-Cortez said, “We should eat babies to save the planet!”

Liberal-leftist media outfits perpetuate climate fear

Don’t just believe what “leftist media,” tells you. Satan has infiltrated universities, primary schools, and science that you can hardly trust anyone. Climate activism has a deep Satanic agenda. As the plot thickens, politicians behind scientists will justify what we call Biblical prophecies with scientific and logical explanations. The aim is to befuddle and achieve the following:

1. It’s “man-made

First, ozone depletion was blamed on the greenhouse effect in the 1980s. Scientists scared people that we’re entering a global ice age within 10-40 years, but it didn’t happen. Instead, it’s now getting warmer. Recently, scientists claimed that repeated massive storms can create ‘Stormquakes.’ Thus, even an earthquake is basically because of man’s failure to reduce carbon emission.

2. Man can save the planet: There’s no God

The Bible tells us that earthquakes, wars, famine, and bad weather are end-times signs. This world is doomed, hence the second coming of Jesus so He can save those who belong to Him. To climate activists, what’s happening has nothing to do with “a god” because there is no God for them to begin with – the cause is CO2. The only solution is a consolidated effort by all nations so mankind can be saved.

3. Ultimate solution: One-world government

The “one-world government” with the anti-Christ can be anyone from a spiritual leader to a scientist, endowed with wisdom and authority. The objective is an overarching power to less developed countries that they can manipulate and dictate “climate policies” that favors them.

Weak and strong countries

Prior to WW1, empires ruled the world and their economic success was primarily because of slavery. They used Asian and African nations for cheap labor and used their resources to feed their appetites. Only now, whoever controls the weather, controls the economy and whoever controls the economy, controls the world.

Mark of the beast

This world government can control people. For example, they can prevent anyone from buying or selling, much like how card membership works. People can be penalized for non-conformity causing them to move to the mountains to survive because a world-wide famine is imminent (Revelation 6:15-16). It sounds like fiction, but many Biblical prophecies have come true. In 2019, China spent billions on technology so it can control its citizens. (Orwellian)

Do we still have time on this earth?

Yes, “end times” and the “second coming” were prophecied in Revelation, but for godless people to say the world will end in 12 years is ludicrous. The good news is that those who belong to Jesus should actually be excited. God will renew all things and rid the world of evil, sadness, sickness, and hate. Therefore before you worry, ask yourself: Do I belong to Christ or have you rejected Him?


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