CRU on gender pronouns

Campus Crusade for Christ’s stand on gender pronouns and gender identity

According to the CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) website, the largest global campus ministry maintains traditional views on genders, rejecting same-sex attractions and acknowledging gender dysphoria as a consequence of sin—at least on paper. Apparently, CRU’s stand on gender dysphoria has become woke despite what it says on its website.

We embrace the goodness of the sexual difference God created by living distinctly as male and female, which includes using pronouns that align with our biological sex.” [CRU 2024]

Uriah and Marissa Mundell

In 2024, CRU dismissed longtime employees Uriah and Marissa Mundell after they publicly questioned if it is scriptural for CRU “to allow staff to use LGBTQI identity labels” and identify as a “gay Christian” to the point of using their preferred gender pronouns.

CRU’s stand on same-sex issues is allegedly a “disordering of sexual desire”—not explicitly sin, according to WNG.


Pronoun hospitality

“Pronoun hospitality” refers to CRU’s approach of respecting individuals’ preferred pronouns, particularly in the context of gender identity.

CRU apparently endorses “pronoun hospitality,” albeit with ambiguity. Despite their conservative stand on gender that fits the Biblical narrative, others say the organization welcomes preferred pronouns.

CRU Training materials

CRU allegedly has “Compassionate and Faithful” training materials that encourage open-mindedness on gender dysphoria.

The pronoun issue centers around CRU’s highly secretive “Compassionate and Faithful” training materials. Staff members are prohibited from sharing those with anyone—not friends, not family, not even their pastors,” according to Tom Gilson, senior editor of The Stream.

Internal documents raised questions about its approach to same-sex attraction and gender identity.

Professor rebukes CRU

Rosaria Butterfield, a former Syracuse University professor, was a lesbian who found her identity in Christ. Although Butterfield is not part of the organization, she openly criticized CRU and other Christian organizations for compromising the biblical stand on gender identity in the guise of compassion. “Christians do not encourage sinners to come out as gay or trans in order to be missional…,she said in 2023.

We reached out to CRU USA, but they have not responded to our email.


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