Declaring I am cancer-free in Jesus name

Walking by faith and declaring “I am cancer free”

Cheng Nadres went to a bout of depression that turned into joy as she shouted, alive and kicking after successful brain surgery, Oligodendrogliomas-Grade 3. Bullish, she chose to declare, “I am cancer-free in the mighty name of Jesus, our healer. However, it would not be easy, as cycles of emotions can rampage the heart of someone who has cancer.

Three things cancer did to me and my family

First: Cancer didn’t cripple my love, relationship, and fellowship with the Lord. The nearness and dearness of God to my own heart cannot be lost as I pass through the deep waters in the trial of cancer. Moreso, cancer deepens my love relationship with Him.

A new awareness of His divine presence flooded into my soul, and I grew closer to the Lord. Cancer can’t take away the love that I have developed and had with the Lord over the passing months and years. It has brought me closer to Him.

Second: Cancer cannot cripple the love I have for other people. My precious love for my family and God’s people cannot be taken away from your life. Cancer cannot kill friendships and loving memories I have with people.

We must view faith at both ends of the spectrum. God answers prayers, and He chooses to intervene and heal people, but at times, He does otherwise. Sometimes God answers our prayers in the way we pray, while other times, He answers in the way that He knows is best for us.

I’m reminded that my faith must continue to be built up and remain strong in the Lord and His providential plan over my life.

Third: It did not destroy my faith but strengthened it. God does not always promise to give us all the answers in life, but He promised grace!

Jesus can give us complete inward strength for every situation we face in life if we ask; this is His wonderful promise (John 14:27). In 2 Corinthians 12:10, Paul said, “for when I am weak, then I am strong.”

In our weakness, grace abounds.

Our faith may be put to the fiery test, but it is not designed to burn us. Instead, it aims to produce perseverance (James 1:3). Trials make us better Christians by causing a growth spurt to take place in our lives.

2 Kings 20:5
Thus says the Lord, the God of David, your father: “I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely, I will heal you.

Rowden, Hasset, Hisham Go, gone too soon.
Coping with terminal cancer.

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