Demonic influence of ‘Ultra-Left’ liberal politics

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Climate activism, abortion, same-sex marriage, LGBT rights, and other extreme ultra-left ideologies that are anti-Biblical

Are you a Christian who adheres to a querulous an ultra-left political ideology? You may want to rethink your position and consider what this group’s ideology is and their beliefs:

They protect Abortion Rights

Norma McCorvey known as “Jane Roe” was the plaintiff in Roe vs. Wade that gave way to a landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that said that banning abortion was unconstitutional.” This paved the way for Planned Parenthood that killed about 7.6 million babies to date. They’re also accused of selling ‘baby parts.’ McCorvey later said it was “the biggest mistake of her life.”

Recently, NY drag queen Blair Back performed a mocked abortion by stabbing a doll with fake blood pockets in it. He pulls it out laughing horrendously. One of the tenets of the Satanist of America says “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.” Satanic Temple president Lucien Greaves and their members fight for abortion. (Created Equal)

San Francisco banned 22 states because it’s anti-abortion.

They use LGBTQ rights to punish Christians

“Heterosexual bullying” by sharply increased, thanks to similar laws like the SOGIE Bill that empower gay rights. For example, Christian baker Jack Philips was repeatedly sued because he refused to bake a cake to a gay couple.

Christian-owned Chick-fil-A opened its first branch in the UK but faced the wrath of LGBTQ activists who demanded they should close. Liberalists are also for gender reassignment, regardless of age. In fact, the sex-change can be state-funded.

→ Climate Change and the one-world government.

Protective clause of sexual offenders

California, the most pro-democrat state in the USA passed Senate Bill 145 in 2019. If the bill is passed, it will make “sex offender registration” optional for LGBT statutory rape cases. It means “no sex offender registry” if the perpetrator is within 10 years of age of the minor.

Chick-fil-A persecuted because of its Biblical belief.

They teach young kids that homosexuality, transgenderism, and transexual families have moral values

Some schools adopted a “gay curriculum” to teach kids about the value of being transgender and even self-stimulation. They want to help curb increasing suicide rates among transgenders. However, statistic reveals that even after sex reassignment, suicide rates continue to rise.

James Younger whose mother insists he’s gay wants him to take puberty blockers (chemical castration) at 7 years old. Emily Tressa underwent sex reassignment at 17 years old, without the need for parent’s consent, according to state laws.

→ Gay Drag Queens educates kids about gay families.

Their deceptive equality and diversity act

In heaven, God’s children will be EQUAL in worth with different rewards. God is the author of equality and diversity but Lucifer altered its meaning. In this hedonistic world, equality meant everything is permissible, even if it violates moral laws. For example, baker Jim was sued thrice after refusing service to an LGBTQ couple. He was persecuted for his Christian faith.

They push for “Climate Scare”

Climate change is real but it is also natural phenomena. However, far-left politicians exaggerate the issue to push for adverse economic policies. As the plot thickens, “Climate hoax” will enable control of certain groups. Recently, they’ve placed poster child Greta Thunberg, whose ominous message is affecting young minds.

The Green New Deal solution is a farce. It is simply an unprecedented increase in government power focused on the energy industry. The offer is appealing; to impose a 100% renewable energy. However, it’s neither plausible or practical. Therefore it’s really not about solar or wind generators, but to gain control of energy resources. (PragerU)

Equality of Outcome

Equality of outcome is a socialist ideology that uses lawful regulations to accommodate people with different backgrounds (i.e. education, sex, race) to have similar standards of living (different from “equality of opportunity”). While ideal, it is never possible unless the government adopts a Marxist ideology that controls the people.

In Marxism, humans are merely a complex form of matter, how they make material things. Economics is the foundation while the rest such as culture, morality, or religion are non-essential superstructures (Chuch Colson). A convenient excuse that eliminates God.

They hate Biblical principles

US Democrats advocate tolerance unless it’s about the Bible. Recently, shameless Virginia Democrats walkout in protest and disdain when a Pastor was invited for an opening prayer. As Pastor Grant’s prayer evoked biblical principles on the sanctity of life, some of the audience turned hostile.

The list of anti-Biblical policies grows

In the USA, leftists are opposed nearly to everything conservative Christians believe in. Big Brother Tech Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook is being accused of manipulating algorithms to demote conservative Christian values. Likewise, CNN, Netflix, BuzzFeed, 0000and the New York Times have become to “left” and anti-Christian.

Teachers asked to remove Bible verse displays in the classroom.



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