Demonic Influence of Far-Left Liberals

Identity politics that far-left liberals support are anti-Biblical

They support abortion rights

Roe vs. Wade gave way to a landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. It empowered Planned Parenthood (PP), founded by Margaret Sanger. According to the California Family Council, PP that sells ‘baby parts‘ is responsible for about 7.6 million abortions as of 2017.

According to CBS News, Planned Parenthood launched a $45M campaign in 2020 to back Democrats during the election.

Abortion and the Satanists

The Satanic Temple also supports abortion, stipulated in their tenet that “One’s body is subject to one’s own will alone.” Created Equal, an organization that fights abortion, called abortion a doctrine of demons.

In 2019, drag queen Blair Back, who loves to dress up like a devil, performed an obscene and bloody mocked abortion at a bar.

New York lawmakers cheers as abortion bill gets passed.

San Francisco banned 22 states because it’s anti-abortion.

Empowering radical LGBTQ rights

“Heterosexual bullying” in America is rising that began with empowering gay rights. For example, Christian baker Jack Philips repeatedly sued because he refused to bake a cake for a gay couple.

Christian-owned Chick-fil-A opened its first branch in the UK but faced the wrath of LGBTQ activists who demanded they should close. The restaurant caved-in and stopped donating to Christian organizations.

Lesbian, gay and bisexual voters remain a solidly Democratic bloc, according to Pew Research. In fact, 89% of the party affiliation of liberals democrats are atheists, Pew data shows.

Likewise, Satanic Temple founder Lucien Grieves said in an interview with Attitude, “It would be a conservative estimate to say that more than 50 percent of our membership is LGBTQ.”

→ Climate Change and the one-world government.

Conservative students targetted

“College campuses today are leftist indoctrination camps,” says Candace Owens. They use neo-Marxist ideology and support student mobs that violently disinvite conservative campus speakers.

They frown at Christian values and teach students that abortion is human rights, and socialism is the solution. In short, colleges are creating a “victim culture.” (PragerU)

Left-wing student’s violent protest against conservative speakers in their campus.

Chick-fil-A persecuted because of its Biblical belief.

They teach young kids that being trans and having transexual families have value

Some schools adopted a “gay curriculum” to teach kids about the value of being transgender and even self-stimulation. They want to help curb increasing suicide rates among trans. However, statistic reveals that even after sex reassignment, suicide rates continue to rise.

James Younger, whose mother insists he’s gay, wants him to take puberty blockers (chemical castration) at seven years old. Emily Tressa underwent sex reassignment at 17 years old, without the need for parent’s consent, according to liberal state laws.

Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) not only reads gay books, alphabet gay song, but also how to twerk.

→ Gay Drag Queens educates kids about gay families.

Deceptive equality and diversity act

In heaven, God’s children will be EQUAL in worth with different rewards. God is the author of equality, diversity, and tolerance—but Lucifer changed its meaning. In this hedonistic world, equality meant everything is permissible, even if it is ridiculous.

For example, gay liberals want to get rid of gender pronouns. Even if it’s ridiculous, they want Santa to be black and gay. These far-left LGBTQs are indoctrinating children through gay children’s books and the Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH).

Protective clause of sexual offenders

California, the most pro-democrat state in the USA, passed Senate Bill 145 in 2019. If the bill is passed, it will make “sex offender registration” optional for LGBT statutory rape cases. It means “no sex offender registry” if the perpetrator is within ten years of age of the minor.

In 2020, California passes a law protecting gay sex between adults and minors. Democratic California state Senator Weiner, a gay politician representing San Francisco, first introduced SB 145 in January 2019, reported Western Journal.

What University Professors are teaching your kids may shock you.

→ Deception of equality and diversity.

They push for “Climate Scare”

Climate change is real, but it is also a natural phenomenon. The “climate crisis” scenario is another left-wing falsehood based on faulty science, used to whip up hysteria that will lead to more government control of the economy, according to PragerU.

Democrats politicians push for the Green New Deal, which in truth is all cosmetics. Even if it were scientifically possible, the deal would hurt the poor, cost everyone more, and make energy less reliable, says James Meigs, former editor of Popular Mechanics.

Climate change or climate hoax?

→ Deconstructing the lies of climate change.

They push for Equality of Outcome

Equality of outcome is a “socialist ideology” (Marxism) that uses lawful regulations to accommodate people with different backgrounds (education, sex, race) to have similar standards of living (different from “equality of opportunity”) even if they don’t deserve it.

For example, lazy people will have equal opportunity with those who work harder; that’s equality of outcome in a socialist society.

Liberals detest capitalists and business people who became rich through hard work. They are blamed for having more money than others.

Socialism eliminates God

In Marxism, humans are merely a complex form of matter, how they make material things. Economics is the foundation while the rest such as culture, morality, or religion are non-essential superstructures, said Chuch Colson. This ideology eliminates God.

→ Duplicity of equality and diversity.

They support Marxist BLM

The 2020 destructive riots led by Black Lives Matter (BLM) began after George Floyd was killed. The left called him a hero, despite his criminal records. The left media described the Black riots as mostly peaceful, even though ACLED data reveals 570 violent demonstrations in 220 locations.

Progressive liberals in cities like Seattle, Minneapolis, and Atlanta called to defund police. Although New York City maintained its police force, NYC liberal First Lady McCray said it would be ‘utopia’ for NYC to have no cops.

BLM leaders admit they’re trained Marxists.They want to get rid of capitalism, patriotism and replace it with identity politics and pit race vs. race…,” said author Greg Gutfeld.

→ How mainstream media fuels Black Lives Matter.

Christian prayers no longer welcomed

US Democrats advocate tolerance unless it’s about the Bible. Recently, shameless Virginia Democrats walkout in protest and disdain when a Pastor was invited for opening prayer. His prayer evoked biblical principles on the sanctity of life, and some of the audience turned hostile.

In Seattle’s Democrat state, the city welcomed Satan when they allowed Satanists to pray at their state capitol’s footsteps openly.

For decades, Left-liberals pushed for the removal of Moses’ ten commandments from government buildings, only to allow Satanic invocation for the sake of tolerance.

They hate a leader who promotes conservative and Biblical principles

Even before Trump won in 2016, liberal democrats already hated him. After his election, politicians accused him of many things, including an impeachment proceeding that even they admitted wouldn’t prosper, yet still pushed for it.

In 2020, Marxist Black Lives Matter co-founder said, ‘Our Goal Is to Get Trump Out.’ Mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and New York Times vilified him.

In the same year, Trump-appointed Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh viciously attacked by Democrat senators. They were Christians, and the senators feared they might overturn liberal policies.

The Trump-appointed justices could signal a major Supreme Court shift on abortion, Reuters said.

Trump is pro-life and for traditional marriage. In contrast, Democrats are pro-abortion and want to remove “God” from opening prayers. They champion LGBTQ rights, even if it tramples on the rights of others.

Christian persecution in civilized, urban society.

The list of anti-Biblical policies grows in the world ruled by Satan

In the USA, leftists are opposed to nearly everything “conservative Christians” believe. These “progressives” ruined some of the finest cities in America, according to an article in Investors.

Big media” and “big tech” corporations are on it as well. Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are accused of manipulating algorithms to demote conservative opinion.

Likewise, CNN, BuzzFeed, and the New York Times have been critical of conservative Christians while Satan prance on Hollywood. “Woke companies” as well joined the bandwagon of identity politics.


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