Demonic “Programmed Multiples” now in Christian Churches

Russ Dizda exposes Satan’s organized plan to infiltrate Christian Churches

Russ Dizda was a former police chaplain at the University of Akron. He is an ordained preacher who specializes in teaching and exposing Satanic occult in crimes. He worked with victims of Satanic ritual abuse and investigated several crimes rooted in Satanism. In this video, he explains how demons work in Christian churches.

Three Trademarks of Witchcraft in Churches

According to Derek Prince, there are three trademarks of witchcraft in Christian churches – Manipulate, Intimidate, Dominate. Watch his video below.

Although Derek Prince was criticized for his position on “generational curses,” his testimony on demonic oppression enabled him to share what demons can and cannot do. He was set free by the power of Jesus.

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

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