Demonic Roots of Gender Pronouns

Three demonic roots of gender pronouns that are going global

Gender confusion in the United States began in the 1990s and accelerated in 2015. Left-liberals weaponized the Constitution to push same-sex marriage. During the pandemic lockdown in 2020, demonic forces inspired the politics of gender ideology.

When POTUS Joe Biden won the election in 2021, all hell broke loose. The gaying of America was complete.

For decades, the enemy of God’s children has been pushing America’s gay agenda through entertainment celebrities and left-liberal politicians. In 2021, the LGBTQ curriculum, gender pronouns, and transgenderism grew their roots in America’s school system, and the lies of Gender Affirming Care were bolstered.

They/Them pronouns in the Bible

In the Bible, “legions” of demons can possess a person and thus refer to themselves as “we” or in plural form. (Matthew 8:31-32; Mark 5:2-10; Luke 8:26–40).


1. Normalizing sin

Almost a century after the great awakening of America, the rebellious culture of young Americans today developed in stages beginning in the age of Aquarius in the late 1960s—culminating just after the pandemic lockdown.

After WW2, Satan’s attempt to mock God by killing millions of Jews followed the age of Aquarius or the height of hedonism in America in the 70s. Then came Madonna in the 80s. As a gay icon, she broke sexual barriers and normalized indecent acts. In 2023, she was in full-throttle defacing Christianity.

In other words, sin is normalized under the guise of gender equality.

Netflix promotes gay relationships among teens

In 2020, author Abigael Shrier exposed the transgender craze that shows a 4,500 percent increase in teenage lesbianism. At the same time, Netflix series for teenagers promoted lesbian and gay relationships.

For example, there was a noticeable increase in Netflix series that featured gay relationships among teenage children. Just a few years ago, it would be horrendous to see the homosexual lifestyle celebrated in film and television.

Today, adultery, polyamory, fornication, and even cussing are normalized in entertainment media.

Sex is more dangerous than any army. Tell me how a culture treats sex, and I’ll tell you where it will be in a decade.” – Brian Sauvé


2. Satan’s pawns

The American Psychologists Association

The American Psychologists Association (APA) has declared open support for LGBTQ rights, such as Gender identity change efforts (GICE). GICE is also a component of sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE).

APA is anti-Bible

Christian-authored “ex-gay” literature and discourse conceptualize gender diversity as a sin, a mental illness. Therefore, these are harmful, “perpetuating cisgenderism and transmisogyny,” according to APA guidelines. [Robinson & Spivey, 2019]

Genital reassignment or castration is encouraged. “Psychologists are encouraged to validate, normalize, and assist sexual orientation and identity,” according to APA guidelines in 2021. APA also pushes the idea that a nonbinary construct allows for a range of gender identities. [Guideline 1]

The story of James Younger

In 2019, the story of “Save James” exposed the insanity of medical practitioners who believed that a seven-year-old boy should be subjected to a gender-affirming program. James Younger’s mom, Dr. Anne Georgulas, is a pediatrician who fought against her husband, Jeff Younger, who refused to transition his son.

The government and medical system

Last August 2022, the Biden government published a proposed rule that requires hospitals to provide ‘gender transition or gender-affirming care’ (i.e., chemical castration and surgeries that mutilate the sex organ). According to Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire, there’s no age floor, and insurers must pay for it.

In 2023, the St. Louis gender clinic advised an elementary school teacher to “affirm” a group of fifth-grade girls who all claimed to be transgender.

In the same year, professors and “scientists” of the EEB Language Project proposed new terms for male and female because these nouns reinforce heteronormative views. Instead, a mother and father should be referred to as “sperm-producing” and “egg-producing.


3. Pushing anti-Bible laws

In 2021, the Democrat team of the Biden-Harris administration immediately dismantled the idea of the nuclear family with the Gender Equality Act. Within a month of office, the White House website updated its contact form to include gender pronouns.

Biden is the recent poster child of left-liberal ideologies after President Obama and Hillary Clinton. He not only supports the LGBTQ community but keeps up with anti-Biblical morals, despite being Catholic.

For example, one of his campaign promises, as well as the other Democrats, is the promise to make abortion the law of the land. [CBS]

Within their administration came free gender transition surgeries, chemical castration, and policies that would soon criminalize conservative Christians who fail to use preferred gender pronouns or refuse service to the LGBTQ community.

The assault turns against religious conservatives

The politics of gender pronouns is deeply associated with Democrats, and Pew research shows 89% of liberals, who are atheists, identify as Democrats. Hence gender pronouns are ultimately a spiritual war against Christians.

  • 2014, Ashers Baking Company took to court by gay rights activist Gareth Lee. [BBC]
  • 2016, Lesbians sue a Christian Senior Center for discrimination over the same-sex policy. [NBC]
  • 2017, Christian Baker Jack Philips sued thrice for refusing to bake “gay cakes.” [CBN]
  • 2018, Student Lake Ingle insisted there were only two genders, and he was asked to apologize in front of the class. [Fox]
  • 2020, Trans activist Jessica Yaniv sues salon therapist and gynecologist for refusing services. [DailyMail]
  • 2021, A Jewish school, Yeshiva, was sued for refusing gay club accreditation. [Reuters]
  • 2022, Student Blake Allen was suspended for misgendering. [ADF]
  • 2022, Media commentator Caroline Farrow was arrested by police over gender pronouns spat. [GBN]
  • 2022, Christian doctor Dr. David Mckereth was fired after refusing gender pronouns. [Telegraph]


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