Five Demonic Roots of Gender Pronouns

The five demonic roots of gender pronouns


  • Authored by the god of confusion.
  • It encourages normalizing sin.
  • “Gender pronouns” mock God’s design.
  • “Gender pronouns” is ultimately a war on Christians.
  • Pararellism to authoritarianism.

1. The god of chaos and deception

It’s the Christians who are confused

The gay rights issue in the United States gained traction in 1973 when the American Psychiatric Association (APA) delisted it as a mental disorder. Therefore, those who struggle with it should no longer be confused about their sexuality. Instead, embrace it as a natural tendency.

LGBTQ+ rights came in full circle in 2015 after same-sex marriage was legalized—advocated by left-liberal Democrats, who are mostly atheists. [Pew] During the pandemic in 2020, demonic forces inspired the politics of gender ideology.

The issue became a political tool to punish those who did not agree with their premise—creating havoc and confusion beyond the LGBTQ+ circle. [Pew; Pew]

Changing the Biblical narrative on gender

Positive words such as “progressive” and “woke” were used to label Luciferian ideologies, something that the devil loves to do—masquerading darkness with light (2 Corinthians 11:14) and conflating truth with lies.

Professing Christians, neo-feminists, woke teachers, left-liberal Democrats, and LGBTQ+ rights advocates deemed 2021 the beginning of “gender enlightenment,” which actually is an era of gender confusion.

Suddenly, the long-held belief that there are only two genders became heteroclites, and the God-believing Abrahamists were the confused ones.

John 8:44
You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires… he is a liar and the father of lies.

Gender pronouns in the Bible

Two of the most contentious recent trends are “What is a woman?” and “Preferred Gender.” In the Bible, God created male and female (Genesis 1:27), which biology supports (XX and XY chromosomes). Therefore, there should be no confusion about gender-specific pronouns. There are only two genders and two pronouns.

In the Bible, “legions” of demons can possess a person. They refer to themselves as “we” or “they/them” in plural form. (Matthew 8:31-32; Mark 5:2-10; Luke 8:26–40).

In the same way, the growing list of gender identities and pronouns is clearly confusing—effectively mocking God’s design and intention.

1 Corinthians 14:33
God is not the author of confusion but peace, as in all churches of the saints.


2. Gender pronouns help normalize what is sin in the Bible

Nearly a hundred years after the “Great Awakening,” a defiant culture emerged in the late 1960s, the “age of Aquarius.” It reached its apex in 2015, and 2021 became the watershed of a “depraved generation” that now floods society.

After the Second World War, Satan’s attempt to mock God by killing millions of Jews followed the Hippie Age, the height of hedonism in America in the 70s. Then came Madonna in the 80s. As an icon, she broke sexual barriers and normalized indecency.

Today, all sorts of sins, such as pedophilia, adultery, and the gay lifestyle, are normalized under the guise of DEI (Diversity, Gender Equality, and Inclusion.

Transgender craze among teenagers

In 2020, author Abigael Shrier exposed the transgender craze that shows a 4,500 percent increase in teenage lesbianism. At the same time, Netflix series for teenagers promoted lesbian and gay relationships.

For example, there was a noticeable increase in Netflix series that featured gay relationships among teenage children, along with cursing and swearing. Adultery, polyamory, and fornication have been normalized in entertainment media.

Sex is more dangerous than any army. Tell me how a culture treats sex, and I’ll tell you where it will be in a decade.” – Brian Sauvé.


3. It mocks God’s design and discredits the Bible

Pawns of the enemy

The American Psychologist Association

The American Psychologists Association (APA) openly supports the LGBTQ lifestyle through Gender identity change efforts (GICE). GICE is also a component of Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE).

However, APA has disavowed SOCE. Apparently, Christian-authored “ex-gay” literature and discourse conceptualize gender diversity as a sin, a mental illness. Therefore, these are harmful, “perpetuating cisgenderism and transmisogyny,” according to APA guidelines. [Robinson & Spivey, 2019]

The point is that Christians can no longer trust psychologists, as many of them have become pawns of the enemy.

Presidents Obama and Biden

Although Presidents Obama and Biden claim to have some form of religious faith, they have openly supported gay marriage and abortion, among others, that God finds detestable.

They are also responsible for pushing for gender equality that has redefined the Biblical view of family.

In 2021, the Biden-Harris “woke administration” dismantled the nuclear family with the Gender Equality Act. Within a month of office, the White House website updated its contact form to include gender pronoun options. Biden also hired a transgender assistant health secretary.

Biden, the most recent poster child of left-liberal ideologies after President Obama, also pushed for gay rights. One of his campaign promises was to make abortion the law of the land. [CBS]

Within their administrations came an increased opportunity for free gender transition surgeries and chemical castration, accomplishing two things: mocking God’s design and going against His Biblical command.

President Bidens opens the gate for LGBTQ+

In 2021, President Joe Biden opened the gates of the White House for the LGBTQ+ community, and all hell broke loose. The gaying of America is finally complete.

It was also during his term that the LGBTQ curriculum, gender pronouns, transgenderism, and Gender Affirming Care policies became part of the government, school system, sports, and consumer goods establishments—indoctrinating and confusing a lot of people, especially young children.

For decades, the enemy of God has been pushing the “gay agenda,” with the support of left-liberals who are mostly Democrats—parroted by the leftist mainstream media.

Screenshot of the White House Contact Us website in 2021. Enforcing the use of gender pronouns in national government.


4. Ultimately, it’s a war against conservative Christians

The politics of gender pronouns is deeply associated with left-liberal Democrats, and data shows that 89% of liberals who are atheists identify as Democrats.

The only group of people that have gone against gender policies are religious conservatives, Christians being one of them, are the ones who are against compelled speech as a result of forcing gender pronouns.

In the past few years, Christians have been threatened, punished, or criminalized for misappropriating gender pronouns or refusing service to the LGBTQ community.

Legal actions against Christians:

  • 2014, Ashers Baking Company was taken to court by gay rights activist Gareth Lee. [BBC]
  • 2016, Lesbians sued a Christian Senior Center for discrimination over the same-sex policy. [NBC]
  • 2017, Christian Baker Jack Philips sued thrice for refusing to bake “gay cakes.” [CBN]
  • 2018, Student Lake Ingle insisted there were only two genders, and he was asked to apologize in front of the class. [Fox]
  • 2020, Trans activist Jessica Yaniv sues salon therapist and gynecologist for refusing services. [DailyMail]
  • 2021, A Jewish school, Yeshiva, was sued for refusing gay club accreditation. [Reuters]
  • 2022, Student Blake Allen was suspended for misgendering. [ADF]
  • 2022, Media commentator and Catholic Caroline Farrow was arrested over misgendering post. [GB News]
  • 2022, Christian doctor Dr. David Mckereth was fired after refusing gender pronouns. [Telegraph]
  • 2023, Biology professor Johnson Varkey was fired for insisting on the science of two genders. [CBN]
  • 2024, Broadcaster and journalist India Willoughby called police on JK Rowling for misgendering her. [Newsweek]

Mocking Christianity

In 2022, a drag queen who goes by the name Brita Filter performed in Manhattan’s Grace Church High School as part of a Pride initiative. According to political influencer Ian Miles Cheong, Filter was allegedly invited by the Biden administration to perform at the signing of same-sex marriage legislation.

5. Parallels to authoritarianism

Predicated under compassion

Compassion: “Gender Affirming Care”

Confused teens are encouraged to use gender pronouns or undergo irreversible gender surgery under the guise of “Gender Affirming Care.” Parents are discouraged from going against it. Already, some parents lost custody of their children because they refused to use their gender pronouns.

The atheist Nazi regime

Authoritarianism is a government rule characterized by centralized power restricting individual and religious freedom. The Soviet Union under Stalin, Maoist China, and other Marxist-Leninist regimes all had authoritarian rules, and atheism binds them together.

Clinician psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson studied authoritarianism for four decades and said authoritarianism is always predicated on compassion. Still, its end goal is to control the people by first conquering linguistic territory. In short, to subvert freedom of speech and religious liberty.

For example, the Nazi regime disseminated hateful propaganda against the Jews as subhuman and scapegoating them for the societal issues of the German people. Hitler’s ultimate aim was to establish a totalitarian regime with a racially homogeneous society.

In other words, the Nazi campaign against the Jews was predicated on compassion (for the German race). It began under the pretext of protecting Germans from perceived threats posed by Jews.

Peterson draws similar parallels in today’s gender identity war. Already, people are being criminalized for refusing certain forms of gender ideology. Policies are created in Canada to control linguistic territory that leads to suppression of freedom of expression.

Suppressing freedom of expression

Silencing Christians began in 2021

Gender pronouns are but one of the several strategies of God’s enemy. Clearly, he wants everyone to easily be offended with the end goal of limiting religious expression and evangelism.

For example, Canada banned conversion theraphy in 2021, and books that “help” gays and lesbians overcome their same-sex attraction were banned by Google and Apple in the same years. Christians are the loudest voice in conversion therapy, and the books banned were authored by Christians as well.

There are schools in the United States that banned Christmas, mentioning Jesus, or prayers in the classroom because it can be offensive.

In 2016, Quebec comedian Mike Ward was fined $42,000 by the Canada Human Rights Commission over a joke that was interpreted as an insult to Jeremy Gabriel, a child with a disability. He performed the joke back in 2010.

Although he is not necessarily a Christian, nor does it have anything to do with religion, Satan aims to create a culture of suppressed freedom of speech.


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