Satan no longer hides in music

The devil no longer hides, he shapes each generation through songs and music videos.

In 2018, 16 years old, Billie Eilish had 20 Million Instagram followers. To date, it has more than doubled. Her depressing songs Bury a Friend, You should see me in a crown, and Bellyache laced with either suicide or dark demonic undertones.

Her videos have a combined view of more than a billion and counting. It means she has a powerful influence on young people.

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First it was drugs in the 70’s

This “dark imagery” began in the 1970s and 80s with Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, KISS, and the likes of Alice Cooper.

They used devilish art as merchandise. “Acid Rock” swept aside sensible music and all genres fueled by alcohol, marijuana to cocaine, and quaaludes. The 70’s rock music was about getting stoned, according to Rolling Stones.

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Selling sex in the 80’s and 90’s

In the 1980’s we had Madonna’s iconic aerobic songs. She incorporated “sex” on stage, filled with cultic and Satanic allusions (Stacey Dames). She often used the cross in a priestly manner and scorn what it stands for.

The Illuminati element was allover her brand. Madonna’s career in selling sex harms how women are forever looked at, said Sheryl Crow.

In 1992, she released the book “Madonna SEX,” which was about fetishes and masturbation. In her Truth or Dare docufilm, she encouraged her gay dancers to be proud of their gay identity.

Madonna has influenced artists like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry.

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New sexual norm towards the millennial

In the 1990’s Nirvana was the coolest band despite songs like “Rape Me.” Towards 2000, “sex songs” by Britney Spears, Toni Braxton, Christina Aguilera, and Eminem were on the mainstream.

Coupled with TV series like ‘Sex in the City,’ millennial babies were groomed for a new sexual norm.

During this period, there was a 9% rise in teen pregnancy from 1985 to 1990. Data from 1982–2002 shows that almost all Americans have sex before marrying.

Millennial babies were being groomed for a new sexual norm.

Teen pregnancy is now declining but its because of birth control education. However, premarital sex is increasing relentlessly (NCBI). A study indicates that today, 9 in 10 couple had sex before marriage (Guttmacher). Consequently, abortion remains prevalent just as drugs, and suicide among teens are increasing.

Devils prancing in Hollywood.
iluminati singers

Nicki Minaj, ‘dressed as the devil’ in 2018 Met Gala (Getty Images, ET). She admitted that Madonna had a huge influence on her brand of music.

Fifty years later, Satan out in the open

Five decades since the 1970’s transformed music, the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Ellie Goulding, and Miley Cyrus became wildly popular when they incorporated sexuality and what appears to be witchcraft in their brand.

Beyonce’s frequent use of sensuality and black arts evident in her music videos. In 2018, her former drummer Kimberly Thompson accused her of “extreme witchcraft,” says an article in Newsweek.

2020 Super Bowl Half Time controversy

Recently, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Half Time show met with scorn among conservatives. She gyrated and simulated masturbation on stage. J Lo also appears to mimic the crucifixion of Christ when she danced on a pole, associated with strippers.

Scriptures would label Cardi B’s WAP song sorcery

In the same year, pro-liberal singer Cardi B criticized for her song WAP. Conservative pundit Candice Owen said, “her music and platform contributes to the disintegration of black culture and values…

The song allegedly promoted prostitution, but more disturbing is her cover. Like a slithering serpent and butt exposed, the Bible associates Cardi B’s behavior with the children of sorcerers. (Isaiah 57:4)

What Satan can and can’t do.
Cardi B’s song W.A.P. is an acronym for ‘wet ass p***y’. Just like a slithering snake, sticking out your tongue is a common gesture among sorcerers.

The Bible associates Cardi B’s behavior with the children of sorcerers.

Satanists, as well, no longer hide

Incidentally, the Illinois state office displayed a gift from the Satanic Temple (TST) in 2018, alongside the Christmas tree, citing diversity. In the same year, Baphomet (statue of Satan) unveiled near the Arkansas Capitol building.

After same-sex marriage was legalized in 2015, TST marched and prayed on several State Capitol steps. They no longer hide.

Also, magic spells are for sale on Amazon, and witches worldwide gathered for their first “Christian Witches convention” in Salem last April 2019. Witchcraft rises among millennials. Surely, “end times” is near. The great battle is on.

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