USA Public school teaches LGBTQ curriculum

Fairfax Public School approves LGBT inclusive sex education curriculum

Fairfax School in a Virginia suburb, Washington, D.C. will now teach students a genderless ideology. The Family Life Education Curriculum for eighth, ninth, and 10th graders will be taught to accept homosexuality as a social norm. The school aims to “save lives” by allowing its students to embrace sexual identities such as transgender or cisgender.

Outraged parents fear that the Sex-Ed Curriculum will encourage middle schoolers to learn about gender transition that may lead to gender reassignment or seek dangerous puberty blockers and therapy. These changes are being pushed by left-leaning political organizations, Planned Parenthood and the LGBT activist group GLSEN. (CP)

The school will also make the district’s dress code more gender-neutral. Likewise, primary school kids are also being taught to accept homosexual relationships. “No Outsiders,” a UK curriculum teaches young kids to celebrate same-sex marriages.

SOGIE Bill, gay, and transgender rights in the Philippines.

Weary times ahead

As we draw closer to end-times, the Bible tells us that these things will happen. Although the Bible teaches that these are sins, God provides a provision for us to overcome homosexual sin and seek purity. Christians should never condemn those who struggle with sexual identities, but rather share the love of Jesus. We can celebrate sexual freedom through Christ, even though the struggle is real.

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