Should gay teachers teach in DepEd schools?

Professor wants DepEd to ban gay teachers

Professor Escoda, a Spanish professor posted on Facebook that DepEd should ban gay teachers from elementary school. “Gays should not be allowed to teach in elementary,” he said. He is worried that their “soft gesture” may influence young people and jeopardize their future careers. This is one of the reasons why liberal politicians want to push for the SOGIE Bill.

Neo-Marxist ideology being taught in universities.

Should we allow gay teachers in school?

The question remains, should gay teachers be allowed to teach young kids? The answer is a simple YES!. Anyone academically qualified should be able to teach, regardless of their culture or sexual orientation. In fact, there are celibate gay teachers who are effective in teaching values to students. Decency and respect are important characters that anyone can possess.

It’s not a problem to have gay teachers but teaching the LGBT curriculum to kids is a different story, and that is NOT OK. Drag queens teach primary kids that a gay lifestyle is fun; that being a transgender is something positive (CBN). This is simply demonic, the spirit of Jezebel. An attempt to destroy society according to God’s design.

Drag queens teach primary kids that a gay lifestyle is fun

→ J-shaped Christmas candies banned by “grinch principal.”

The war we are facing

Ultimately, liberal left-leaning schools see the issue as a war between homosexuality and Christians. Admittedly, many self-righteous Christians have been unloving and condemning of homosexuals. The Bible condemns homosexual acts. However, Jesus did not condemn sinners like Mary Magdalene. In fact, He came for the sinners to give them life and have it to the fullest. ( John 10:10; John 14:6)

UP Diliman Babaylan org supports “Sex Workers.”
Testimony of a gay ex-Mayor who turned to Christ.

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