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Transgender read gay stories to kindergarten. PHOTO:; Drag Queen Story Hour; The Tribune

Philippines Professor wants DepEd to ban gay teachers?

Jose Maria Bonifacio Escoda, a Spanish professor posted on Facebook that DepEd should ban gay teachers from the elementary school. “Gays should not be allowed to teach in elementary,” he said. He is worried that their “soft gesture” may influence young people and jeopardize their future career.

Escoda is a conservative Roman Catholic and like many other Filipinos, the voice of the LGBT community is too loud to accept. As consequences of what appears to be discrimination gave a hard push for the SOGIE Bill, that aims to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination.

The Bible condemns homosexual acts. However, Jesus, who is the fulfillment of the law, did not condemn sinners like Mary Magdalene. In fact, He came for the sinners to give them life and have it to the fullest. ( John 10:10; John 14:6)

Neo-Marxist ideology being taught in universities.

Should we accept gay teachers?

The question remains, should gay teachers be allowed to teach young kids? The answer is a simple YES!. Anyone academically qualified should be able to teach, regardless of their culture or sexual orientation. In fact, there are celibate gay teachers who are effective in teaching values to students. Decency and respect are important characters that anyone can possess.

Shocking LGBT Curriculum in America

It’s not a problem to have gay teachers. However, to teach LGBT curriculum to young kids is a different story, and that is NOT OK. Some schools in the USA have “drag queens” who teach that a gay lifestyle should be embraced; being a transgender is a fun thing to be (CBN). They are so tolerant that even the Houston Public Library allowed a child sex offender to read at its ‘Drag Queen Storytime’ to young children.

The struggle is real: Filipino transgender Mark Estephen

Why pushing gay ideology in school is wrong

Laws are passed to shove “gay rights” to everyone. Americans are being forced to embrace a society where there are no gender boundaries. Ironically, liberals literary want to open physical borders that protect their country. The gaying of America has come in full circle and as a result, the rights of others are trampled.

1. Transgender men can now compete with all-women student sports.
2. A man can use girls bathroom, for as long as he says he is “gay.”
3. Children as young as 5 years old are given puberty blockers, so they can transition much earlier, from a boy to a girl and vice versa.

Liberal politics used to silence Christians increasing.

Uphold “progressive conservative value” in school

Conservative ideology is often frowned at by the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, many others have gone to an “extreme conservative value” that it is no longer valuable. What Christians should push for is a “progressive conservative” that promote important Filipino values in the school. We must uphold the following values among students:

● Godliness (Maka-Diyos)
● Mutual Respect (Magalang)
● Etiquette (Delicadeza)
● Honesty (Katapatan)
● Courage (Tiyaga)
● Integrity (Palabra de honor)

WATCH VIDEO: The LGBT School Curriculum (Begin at 8:00)

A drag queen in a demonic-inspired outfit teaches LGBT story to kids.

Is God calling you to be straight?


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