Whittaker’s blue & pink chocolate isn’t diverse


Political Tolerance: Whittaker’s chocolate advertisement is harmful, it should be tolerant across gender.

2019, Whittaker’s Coconut Ice Surprise chocolate advertisement came in blue or pink. Customers only find out which color they got after buying. Thus, it faced backlash from the LGBTQ community. Advocate Rainbow director Frances Arns said, “It’s a shame that they used a binary notion of gender, which is erasing many of the identities that exist in the rainbow community.” She also said this gender tradition can be harmful.

Psychology lecturer Pani Farvid said, “outdated gender stereotypes were being promoted.” While sociologist Sarah Hendrica suggested Whittaker needs more diversity in their team.

What’s wrong with it?

The strong push for diversity seems fair and square, but truth is, it’s part of a bigger agenda aimed to mock God. Even though the company has no intention of bigotry, if they refuse the clamor, persecution will follow. Furthermore, what they say as “harmful” refers to a tiny percentage of the LGBT who were bullied or got depressed because of discrimination.

LGBT is a powerful minority group

The rest of society who doesn’t share the view of the LGBT minority has to “adjust” or face backlash. Bullying someone because of his or her sexual orientation is plain wrong. Likewise, forcing others to adhere to an ideology you do not support is wrong as well. The Bible tells us to love one another.



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