Whittaker’s blue & pink chocolate isn’t diverse

Whittaker’s chocolate ad accused of being harmful, it should be tolerant across gender.

2019, Whittaker’s Coconut Ice Surprise chocolate advertisement came in blue or pink. Customers only find out which color they got after buying. This marketing campaign triggered the woke LGBTQ community fighting for political correctness.

Advocate Rainbow director Frances Arns said, “It’s a shame that they used a binary notion of gender, which is erasing many of the identities that exist in the rainbow community.” She also said this gender tradition could be harmful.

Psychology lecturer Pani Farvid said, “outdated gender stereotypes were being promoted.” While sociologist Sarah Hendrick suggested, Whittaker needs more diversity in their team.

LGBTQ social influence empowering bullying

What was intended to support equal gender rights is slowly turning into LGBTQ bullying. It is plain wrong to push one’s ideology to others, especially if it violates their values.

What’s wrong with equality, diversity, and tolerance?
Why gender equality is a Luciferian ideology.


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