The Apocalypse: Three Divine Judgment in Revelation

1. Seven Seals

Revelation 6:1 to 8:1-5

The first Four Seals symbolize war, conquest, famine, and death. The 5th Seal represents the cry of the martyrs, though more Christians are yet to die. The 6th Seal is God’s response to the “cry of the martyrs” and brings “great day of the LORD” on earth (Isaiah 2; Joel 2).

Before the 7th Seal broke, Seven Trumpets were blown. They were the “final warnings” that symbolize the cries of the martyrs, bringing the judgment towards completion. The LAMB ripped off the seventh Seal; Heaven fell in complete silence for about half an hour.

Seven Seals Futurist Interpretation

  • First Seal (War) – The Antichrist ascends and heads the revived Roman Empire at the end of history.
  • Second Seal (Conquest) – The Antichrist triggers World War III and defeats the true Christians. He allies with the Arab world to conquer the world as a whole. (Ezek. 38; Dan. 11). Jerusalem stands in his way towards world supremacy.
  • Third Seal (Famine) – Inflation and famine rip across as a result of WW3. Many starve, but the wealthy continue to enjoy the luxuries of life.
  • Fourth Seal (Death) – One-fourth of the population dies as a result of the war. It reaches the finale with the seven bowls of judgments.
  • Fifth Seal (Cry of Martyrs) – Many more Christians are killed for refusing to submit to the Antichrist during the Great Tribulation. People are forced to receive the mark of the beast, and those who refuse are persecuted.
  • Sixth Seal (Tribulation begins) – There was a bone-jarring earthquake caused by a nuclear war or a global earthquake that pollutes the atmosphere. It turns sun black and the moon red. A massive meteor shower destroys the first half of the tribulation.
  • Seventh Seal – The last three and a half years of the “end-time” tribulation unleashes the “Bowls of Wrath on the wicked in growing intensity. (Rev. 8:12-17)

144,000 Sealed People of God

The people cry out, and an angel with a signet ring places a mark to protect the “messianic servants” of God. John heard 144,000 people were sealed (12,000 from each tribe of Israel). The “sealed Jews” are kept safe from the divine judgments.

Perhaps, these are the Israelites who will turn to Jesus as their Messiah (Zechariah 12:10; Romans 11:25–27). However, John saw the “messianic army” as a “multi-ethnic army of the Lamb” who can stand before God. They were “conquerors” who bore witness to Christ and overcame persecution.

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