The Apocalypse: Three Divine Judgment in Revelation

2. Seven Trumpets

Revelation 8:6–9:19 and 11:15–19

The first five Trumpets were hail, blood, poisoned water, darkness, and demonic locusts. The 6th Trumpet released the “Four Horsemen” (First Four Seals). Despite the plagues and sufferings, the nations still did not repent. (Revelation 8)

The LAMB’s “unsealed scroll”

An angel tells John to eat the “unsealed scroll” (proclaim its message). There are two symbolic visions of this scroll on how God’s Kingdom will come to earth.

  • Inner Temple: Martyrs were set-apart by the altar at God’s temple. This is an image of protection from Zechariah 2.
  • Outer court: People outside were excluded from the protection. Instead, they were trampled by the nations. It may refer to the destruction of the Jewish temple in 70 AD, or it can also symbolize the “New Temple or New Covenant” of God, where Christians bear witness and suffer persecution. (1 Cor 3:16′ Hebrews 3:6; 1 Peter 2:4-5)

Two Witnesses

In the second vision of the scroll, God appoints two witnesses with miraculous powers to accompany their message (Rev. 11:6). It may be two literal persons, but John calls them “lampstands,” which represents the “two church bodies” of Christ.

After they’ve said what they need to say, the beast (Daniel 7) kills the witnesses and the world rejoices, letting their bodies lie in the streets (Rev. 11:7–10). Three and a half days later, God resurrects them. There was great fear and they ascend to heaven (Rev. 11:11–12).

The message of the Lamb’s scroll revealed

Interestingly, despite the plagues in the first four seals, the nations did not repent. In contrast to the message of the “Lamb’s scroll,” nations finally repent. Jesus conquered these nations not by harming them, but by dying for their sins.

The scroll reveals the church’s mission, which is for Christians to imitate the loving sacrifice of Jesus. God’s mercy brings repentance. The sacrifice and death of Christians and martyrs bear witness to God’s love.

The Seven Trumpets Futurist Interpretation

  • First Trumpet – Hail and fire are thrown on earth, burning up a third of trees and vegetations.
  • Second Trumpet – Great mountain burning with fire (asteroid) plunges into the sea, killing a third of life in the ocean, as well as ships.
  • Third Trumpet – The great star “Wormwood” falls to earth, poisoning its freshwater sources. Many died by drinking it.
  • Fourth Trumpet – The sun, moon, and stars turn dark. There is complete darkness for a third of the day and even at night.
  • Fifth Trumpet – “Personified star” falls from heaven. It has the key to the bottomless pit, and he opens it. Demonic locusts come of the abyss, and they tormented those who do not have the seal of God. They may symbolize the fallen angels taking terrifying forms (representing the monstrous nature of evil men), freed from the deep portal.
  • Sixth Trumpet – Four angels in captivity were released to wreak havoc during the tribulation. They kill thousands of people with their mouths and tails. Despite the horrific plagues, those who survive on earth remain stubborn and refuse to turn to God. They continued to be idolaters, murderers, and continued to practice sorcery, and sexual immorality. (Revelation 9:20–21).
  • Seventh Trumpet – The temple of God opened in heaven. The temple revealed the ark of His covenant, Then came the lighting, rumblings, thunders, earthquake, and a severe hailstorm. It was the final destruction of the earth.

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