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Are you a bossy Pastor?

The first hypocrites in the Bible were Pharisees. They fasted & prayed regularly but beneath their veil was the desire to be served. The growing Church leaders involved in sexual abuse is desensitizing Christians to accept it as a norm but there are other forms of abuse. Some Pastors need to be reminded that they are servants, not CEO.

False humility

Your calling as a Pastor or church leader is a higher privilege than being a doctor, politician, or any high position in this world. Just because God revealed deeper things to you does not mean your faith is better than that of a child.

→ Seductive idols of a Christian leader

“The person that serves you like a servant is the greatest person among you. Every person that makes himself better than other people will be made humble. Every person that makes himself humble will be made great.” Matthew 23:11-12

The church is not a competition

Kingdom mentality

Many Pastors are threatened when members leave their congregation and move to another or serve a ministry outside. The body belongs to Jesus alone and all believers serve one God. The church is not a competition. (1 Corinthians 12:12-27)

→ The secret sin of a Pastor

Don’t call me Pastor

Some Pastors exercise authority by controlling and abusing church members in subtle ways. While others continue to fall into sexual sin and pornography, thinking that they are saved by grace anyways. They have allowed Satan to destroy their testimony by allowing pride and selfishness.

Political Pastors

Others immerse themselves into politics as if their opinion matter to God, resulting in church division. While other Pastors and even missionaries allow conflicts to ruin their relationship with other Christians.

→ Are you one of these church leaders?

Andrew Holm from True Life Church in Canada doesn’t insist people call him pastor and he has these reasons:

1. Pastoring is what I do, not who I am.
2. Relationships are powerful, titles aren’t.
3. I’m not everyone’s pastor.
4. It doesn’t always mean respect.
5. I’m a different pastor, not a previous pastor.
6. So that people are ‘normal’ around me.
7. It helps people lower their guard.
8. It avoids making people feel small.
9. It removes the pedestal.
10. It gives me a break.

Remember, your high calling is to be a humble servant.



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